Monday, 30 December 2013

More Dilute Models

After the two Palomino models I just painted I was on a roll for the dilute colours! Another Hamlet I painted was finished, who was done to a sooty buckskin. I am happy with the colouring and my confidence has just increased more and more with these colours. I used to find them difficult but now I have them nailed!

That Hamlet is a commission for a good friend of mine and she likes him, which is good news! If not, I would be more than happy to keep him.

The other two dilute models are Kelly's Albert and Victoria... Ok, so not complete full horse models exactly, but two beautiful medallions nonetheless. I started painting these back in November or so and finished them yesterday. Their manes and white markings are not just flat white, there are lots of pinking undertones and straw-like colours in the hairs too. It is a shame my camera didn't get their colours 100% accurate.

If anyone is thinking about getting this pair, do not hesitate. I bought an unpainted white resin copy just for the intentions of painting them although I was tempted by the many different colours available to have them cast in. I wanted to be artistic with their tobiano patches and their facial markings match up a bit like a love heart too, just like the overall piece when you put them together.

I have one more horse in progress, its the Breyer Marabella model to a dun colour. I still need to (obviously) finish the tail up and the markings. She still lacks a dorsal stripe and other possible ermine markings but she will end up having some. For the time being I am just happy with how her shading turned out, which yet again sadly isn't too well captured in this image...

Anyway, more photos will come once she is done.

Right, I need to stop blogging and pop some horses in the post for some people!! I am not sure when I will be able to blog again over the next few days because after New Year I am going on a small holiday to visit friends and then it is straight back to university, where I have to sit a dreaded exam that I have been revising for... Boo hoo! But the GOOD news is that Horatio will SOON be available to order, so that is exciting!

So, if I am unable to post on here, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, thank you for the support in 2013 and bring on 2014!!!


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