Monday, 23 December 2013

Olympia 2013

Olympia, the London International Horse Show, is a show held in Kensington in the UK every year that I have been to since the age of 11. I was lucky enough to go twice this year; on Monday for the Gala Night of Andalusians and again on Thursday for the Puissance.

The Andalusians on the first night were beautiful, everyone knows they are my favourite breed and to see them in action was lovely.

Some of their horses were wonderful colours, there were two rose grey horses and it was a real joy to see them perform the Haute Ecole.

The Puissance was as exciting as ever! At first it looked as if it would be over in a couple of rounds however the wall did end up going to a grand height of 2m18. I was also pleased with my camera as I have finally been able to get non-blurry shots from Olympia as a whole, I usually really struggle with the lighting in there and my shots do not end up clear. This time round, though, you can actually make out the shape of the horse as it goes over the jump!

The winning jump, by an Italian rider and his very talented horse, is below. He definitely could have jumped higher!He got a little carrot at the end as well as a reward, which was very sweet!

Olympia always brings me into the Christmas spirit. I cannot believe that there are only two more sleeps to go! I hope Santa brings all of my supporters what they wished for this year.



  1. I really enjoyed watching it on TV, loved that little horse that won the Puissance :)