Saturday, 28 December 2013

Two Palominos

My confidence is really soaring in these dilute colours, and I am glad - they are one of my favourite horsey colours to paint! Very unique in their shades and palomino horses in particular I adore the most.

This Paso model was the first to be finished. The dapples really jazz up the coat and I love the long, wavy mane and tail. In fact I love this model! I did say I was rather fond of the older Breyers...

He will be featured in my next Tip Tuesday which I need to write, which will hopefully be out on December 31st (in between revision for my exam in January!) so keep checking back for that...

This Hamlet was the other to be finished. He is a commission piece and will be sent off to his new owner on Monday.

I have another in buckskin that is to soon me finished as well...


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