Thursday, 30 January 2014

Capturing the Moment

Back in 2010, when I still lived in Barcelona, I attended the CSIO Barcelona 2010 which is a showjumping event each year at the Polo club, with competing international riders. Many people know that as well as artistic drawing and model horse painting I am into photography, so I love going to such events to take photos and practice.

One of the photos I took from this day in particular was this one.

I have a DeviantART account (which I have to admit I neglect a lot nowadays, I simply do not have the capacity anymore) yet having checked in this evening to see what was going on, I have received comments on this particular photo claiming that I am promoting cruelty and thinking this particular practise of seeing a horse suffer as 'fun'.

This completely outrages me.

Photography is all about capturing such fine moments in time with a single shot. This is exactly what I did here. This was a typical stock photo that I managed to capture and, on seeing this horse in person as he flew beautifully around the course, he was not being mal-treated and I am sure that the particular owner, who absolutely adored this horse (as all of the riders), would be just as devastated as I am right now.

For clarification, here is the same horse jumping the spread moments before the shot in question above, happy as larry.

May I also point out this horse and rider combination had to tackle a difficult turn to the left and the rider needed to regain control and balance for both of their safety.

I am not in too good a mood at the moment anyway, but after me being accused last month of potential cruelty to horses which absolutely infuriated me, to then being accused of promoting such ill acts, I need to explain myself and those that think I would do such a thing do not know me!

I do, however, find this an incredibly interesting topic on how some people on the internet think they know a lot more than they claim. I guess it goes to show people do not appreciate some forms of photography (not that this photo is one of my best shots or anything, my main aim in photography is to capture such a moment that leaves people questioning how I did it).

I apologise for such a negative post, and I certainly do not want to start any arguments or fights, but I just wish, wish for more harmony and appreciation...


Saturday, 18 January 2014

UHH 2014 Announced

The dates have been officially announced!

So am I going? Err, yeah!!

I plan to attend for all three days this time too. I am so excited! I am going to be going to two of the biggest model horse festivals this year and I can't believe it. I plan on doing two talking demos at the UHH too. One will deifnitely be on hairing but what will the other be on?


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

First Repaints of 2014

I returned home over the weekend to get some last minute things for university to start this semester, and while I was home I could get on with finishing (or trying to!) models in progress and prepping new commissions. I know there are a few people waiting on models from me and do not worry because they are coming, I just don't have enough time at the moment and this semester is going to be a busy one...

That aside, I managed to complete these models that were in progress from last year. The Marabella just needed her tail doing and her whites and other details touching up. I love the colour I produced on her.

This Breyer Ideal was sitting prepped for ages and he was originally going to be a dark bay tobiano. However, as I started painting him, his caramel colour just didn't want to make me paint anymore and I finished him as a light bay instead!

He really reminds me of Galaxy, the share horse I have. I am so blessed to be able to ride such a sweet mare!

The third one is a Schleich Arabian mare. I never had a colour planned for this one, although as I was painting a Breyer Bouncer's main colour (shown below) I put the leftover paint on this one and her colour formed. She suits the fiery chestnut that I adore on Arabians.

If I had my way I would probably show her as a Welara of some sort (these are welsh ponies crossed with Arabian horses) maybe 3/4 arabian. But at the first show of the year (MHL's Southern Region that I am hosting) I will leave her as a pure breed.

This is the Breyer Bouncer I was referring to earlier.

I have a lot more white to go! He will eventually have the odd brown spot on his rump too.

Just the low down on my plans for selling my work this year, though. Because of my trip to the States this year, depending on their success with me at shows (i.e. if they qualify to go abroad with me to NAN) then I will be holding onto them in order to showcase them in July. But that is still dependent on their size as well as how easy I am going to find it transporting horses everywhere! So in answer to some questions, yes these guys will eventually be for sale but no it isn't right now, but in the near future.

I hope that clears everything up!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Breyerfest 2014

Some of you know that I will be going to Breyerfest this year, and NAN! I am so excited, I haven't been to America since I was VERY little when I went on a skiing trip in Colorado(I DO remember cricking my neck and being quite a poorly child, however...) but this July I will be returning where I will be visiting New York to see some old friends, then spending just over a week in Lexington for a real horsey treat! I also plan on staying at a ranch and doing some trail rides. After that, I hit Vegas with my sister!

Last night, I bought my Breyerfest tickets and a special Silver Jubilee program. I think that this is the year to go to Breyerfest, seeing as it has reached such an extravagant milestone and it is the correct alternating year where NAN is held at the same place. I will also be volunteering at NAN so will definitely have 'been there, done that and got the t shirt' literally!

A lot of you may well know that I do not collect original finish models, but every person that visits Breyerfest 2014 for the three days gets their special model on the Goffert model, Gooitzen.

Although he looks similar to the original Goffert, I can already tell from promo photographs that he has much more colour depth than the old, shiny plain black that the first model was. The base is also silver!

I also plan on purchasing Champagne Toast... Hey, why not?! I might as well blow all of my money while I am there (I will only be spending it at the casinos in Vegas!!!) and why not on a model horse! Champagne Toast is my favourite of the three also.

I will be available to do pick ups for anyone as well for some close friends if there are any in particular that they want, however I am not sure if my service will be required this year as I am aware that a lot of hobbyists are bitterly disappointed with the selection. The Clock Horse for starters looks a great deal like Chubasco, who was released a few years back and of course friesians are rarely seen in chestnut but black is the most common colour, so there are limitations on what Breyer could have done on the special celebration model.

I don't care, I can't wait to get there! This summer is going to be one of my best yet. I just can't wait until I turn 21 in a couple of week's time when I will be legally able to do whatever I want out there, hehe!

Still need to apply for that visa...