Friday, 10 January 2014

Breyerfest 2014

Some of you know that I will be going to Breyerfest this year, and NAN! I am so excited, I haven't been to America since I was VERY little when I went on a skiing trip in Colorado(I DO remember cricking my neck and being quite a poorly child, however...) but this July I will be returning where I will be visiting New York to see some old friends, then spending just over a week in Lexington for a real horsey treat! I also plan on staying at a ranch and doing some trail rides. After that, I hit Vegas with my sister!

Last night, I bought my Breyerfest tickets and a special Silver Jubilee program. I think that this is the year to go to Breyerfest, seeing as it has reached such an extravagant milestone and it is the correct alternating year where NAN is held at the same place. I will also be volunteering at NAN so will definitely have 'been there, done that and got the t shirt' literally!

A lot of you may well know that I do not collect original finish models, but every person that visits Breyerfest 2014 for the three days gets their special model on the Goffert model, Gooitzen.

Although he looks similar to the original Goffert, I can already tell from promo photographs that he has much more colour depth than the old, shiny plain black that the first model was. The base is also silver!

I also plan on purchasing Champagne Toast... Hey, why not?! I might as well blow all of my money while I am there (I will only be spending it at the casinos in Vegas!!!) and why not on a model horse! Champagne Toast is my favourite of the three also.

I will be available to do pick ups for anyone as well for some close friends if there are any in particular that they want, however I am not sure if my service will be required this year as I am aware that a lot of hobbyists are bitterly disappointed with the selection. The Clock Horse for starters looks a great deal like Chubasco, who was released a few years back and of course friesians are rarely seen in chestnut but black is the most common colour, so there are limitations on what Breyer could have done on the special celebration model.

I don't care, I can't wait to get there! This summer is going to be one of my best yet. I just can't wait until I turn 21 in a couple of week's time when I will be legally able to do whatever I want out there, hehe!

Still need to apply for that visa...



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