Thursday, 30 January 2014

Capturing the Moment

Back in 2010, when I still lived in Barcelona, I attended the CSIO Barcelona 2010 which is a showjumping event each year at the Polo club, with competing international riders. Many people know that as well as artistic drawing and model horse painting I am into photography, so I love going to such events to take photos and practice.

One of the photos I took from this day in particular was this one.

I have a DeviantART account (which I have to admit I neglect a lot nowadays, I simply do not have the capacity anymore) yet having checked in this evening to see what was going on, I have received comments on this particular photo claiming that I am promoting cruelty and thinking this particular practise of seeing a horse suffer as 'fun'.

This completely outrages me.

Photography is all about capturing such fine moments in time with a single shot. This is exactly what I did here. This was a typical stock photo that I managed to capture and, on seeing this horse in person as he flew beautifully around the course, he was not being mal-treated and I am sure that the particular owner, who absolutely adored this horse (as all of the riders), would be just as devastated as I am right now.

For clarification, here is the same horse jumping the spread moments before the shot in question above, happy as larry.

May I also point out this horse and rider combination had to tackle a difficult turn to the left and the rider needed to regain control and balance for both of their safety.

I am not in too good a mood at the moment anyway, but after me being accused last month of potential cruelty to horses which absolutely infuriated me, to then being accused of promoting such ill acts, I need to explain myself and those that think I would do such a thing do not know me!

I do, however, find this an incredibly interesting topic on how some people on the internet think they know a lot more than they claim. I guess it goes to show people do not appreciate some forms of photography (not that this photo is one of my best shots or anything, my main aim in photography is to capture such a moment that leaves people questioning how I did it).

I apologise for such a negative post, and I certainly do not want to start any arguments or fights, but I just wish, wish for more harmony and appreciation...



  1. to me it looks no different to the horses taking the turns in Barrel racing !!

  2. My horse does that all the time because he's excited/doesn't want to balance, and I've never see a happier horse on course. He has the softest bit EVER, no rings/long shanks and I really don't even pull that hard. He's just saying "No Mommy!! I wanna go FASTER!!".

    1. Yes I know horses that do it as well, oh well!