Monday, 3 February 2014

Kitten Drawing

Sometimes it is nice to not paint for once and to get the pencils and sketch book out...

And maybe draw something that isn't a horse...

It is my first sketch of 2014 and only my second cat, I admit that I rushed him a tiny bit but it was nice to just let off some steam and listen to some soothing music while I could get some of my creative juices out in another way while I can't paint at the moment (too much work, stress and it is too cold out!)

I started off by mapping out the outline based on my reference first.

Just look how fluffy and cute the reference is!!!

I started the shading and filling in around the eyes and facial features first, as these are the most vital to get right.Cats I find are actually quite difficult to draw, because they are usually head on and everything needs to be kept symmetrical.I think I did an OK job! I kept checking in the mirror as well to make sure my eyes could spot anything straight away that was wrong and I could correct it. That is my favourite party trick to do.

However, unfortunately I find the face the most interesting part of the drawing to do, so once that was done I just wanted to get the rest over and done with!

I am pleased with the outcome though, although Pickle was not too impressed that I didn't draw her!


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