Monday, 17 February 2014

Model Horse Love Southern Region Live 2014

Well, first of all... What a day!

I was on my feet running the show from the moment I got there (around 8:45am) until I got back in my car to go home (about 6:45pm) and the only time I sat down in between these times was for five minutes while I hopped into the car to get to the nearest shop to buy MORE raffle tickets!!!

The raffle alone raised £182 for the day. I am absolutely astounded and happy about this, thank you SO much everyone! It means a lot and the support was simply amazing, it can't be described.

Everyone donated prizes everywhere, there were some beautiful pieces of tack made including headcollars and bridles, some gorgeous rugs and padded bags for model transportation, lots of books and games... Unpainted resins... Other model horses... Customs... So many things! I am just so grateful and there was so much generosity.

Kelly Savage of Kelly's Studio even donated an Albert and Victoria and some Union Jack busts. One went into the raffle, and three went t the Supreme Champions of the day. I bought some mini Celebration chocolates for the winners with their certificates and rosettes too!

Becky of Utterly Horses was also incredibly generous as she donated a Breyer resin to the raffle and also gave me goodie bags to give out to all of the show entrants that attended.

The OF, CTF and Commercial Resin/China classes were first up in the three rings of the day. A lot of judging was done and prizes awarded. This new Breyer Arabian took first place in its class and went on to receive the light breed champion!

Celebration, Model Horse Love's special Peter Stone model that was created last year for their 5th anniversary, came 1st in his class too and took reserve.

There were some stunning horses through out the day, including these lovely ones in the CTF section. I just wanted to take them all home! It was great fun judging them all.

I took Pandora, my Equorum Arabian mare I got for my 21st Birthday last month, along with me and entered her into the CTF Arabian class. She came away with 6th place which was nice.

Lunchtime came where the raffle was done and we all stopped for a chance to breathe (I was somehow still running around like a mad thing!!! I am good at that though!) where a medallion fun class was held. I was SO happy to see that Gabriel, the Christmas medallion I sculpted and sold to Rebecca Bentley who painted this one, came 1st in the class!!!

I need to hurry and paint a copy for myself! If anyone has any copies that are painted contact me, it would make me happy to see.

My own Gallega medallion resin came 4th in the same class.

My friend Cat Harris donated a GORGEOUS MHL Jump set to the raffle and I was set on winning it... And I did! I was so happy! I decided to put it with my little Flitwick resin when he entered the Other British Native Class.

Just before we did the raffle, I was presented by the other hobbyists the trophy and very large rosette I won back in October at BMECS 2013 for being the UK Artist Champion. It was such a nice presentation to do and I was very humbled. I was warned in advance so I didn't cry or anything!!!

We carried on through the day where more champions were awarded. My best models of the day were these two:

Before I knew it, it was 6pm and the Supreme Champions were awarded. These were all very well deserved, but I can tell you now that there were many champions in the hall yesterday.There were so many beautiful, stunning and flawless models that I would have awarded prizes to!

This was the Supreme Champion of the day, a beautiful Breyer Commercial Resin.

This Dancing Daisy took the Reserve!

And this small but incredibly detailed stablemate came third.

It was a fantastic day and I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves! Now to find a charity to donate some of the money to. I wasn't going to do it until the summer months but it is a LOT of money to hold onto!

Roll on the Midlands Show!