Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Two years ago...

While updating this website with more of the pages and general bits and bobs (for example there is a new icon at the top of the tabbed page which I am stupidly happy about - you may also realise some links are still broken but I am working on it!) I was creating my medallion page and I realised that it was exactly two years ago this month that I finished my very first medallion and opened him for sale to everyone!

The first Todd medallion, painted by Deb Brown of the UK

He didn't fully go on sale until March, where I had the first painted copy in my hands, but February was still very exciting nonetheless as people waited for me to make him available. Some were sold unpainted whereas others had a deposit paid so I could paint them as commission orders. It was great fun bringing my sculpture to life!

The nice thing was that some people asked for him to be painted as a portrait of their own horse, which would make him extra special to them. I was very happy to carry this out and give them something to remember their family member by.

This medallion, for example, was painted to a horse known as 'Toledo' for my friend. He was quite a 'difficult' colour in the sense I had to get my head around what colours to use in order to paint him, but the results were worth it!

Todd as a portrait of a horse named Toledo
I also had the wonderful privilege of meeting and riding Toledo, and I knew him very well as my friend and I grew up in the same village together. He was a Highland pony gelding and was very sweet!  I found this photo of me and him from when I was probably about 14 years old! So being able to paint this medallion in particular was touching.

My 14 year-old self on board the gorgeous Toledo!
That was the great thing about Todd... He fits pretty much any ponyish breed you can throw at him! I originally sculpted him as a shetland but he easily passes as Toledo the Highland and I also customised one to look like a Fjord pony, that has placed at live shows so he obviously isn't too far from what the breed really looks like.

Todd as a Fjord that I customised in 2012, now residing in the UK
Todd (as well as all of my other medallions, in fact!) have always done well in live shows in the UK. It is really stimulating as an artist to see them do so well and realise people like my sculptures! The original medallion painted by Deb Brown I have shown a few times and he has won a good few classes with me showing him.

Todd with a rosette he won - I also won an Inferno medallion by Kelly!

This Todd below was painted by KNC Studios in the US. Having other artists paint your own sculpture is also a nice feeling. I wonder what this one is up to now!?

I remember casting the medallions one by one, with the anticipation of waiting for the mould to set, to pouring the first casting with the resin I had mixed. With it being a completely new concept to me (and with me being terrified of breaking the clay original and worried that the mould wouldn't set, etc. etc. ) when the first few came out of he mould unharmed, it was a big sigh of relief.

Before I knew it, I had a whole army of them!

The whole process of creating my first medallion bust was inspirational, educational and it provided me with determination and eagerness to sculpt and create more. The amount I learnt through one small pony shaped clay head is incomprehensible. It is just so hard to believe that he went from looking like this...

To this.

If you own a Todd medallion, if it has been painted, do get in touch and share photos with me. I love to look and see what people have done with them.

Thanks for letting me be nostalgic and share my Todd memories!


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