Friday, 28 February 2014

UHH 2014 - Workshop Ideas?

I am absolutely thrilled to be helping out once more for the UHH! It will be great to see everyone again and celebrate at the three day festival. I will also be doing two workshops!

But... One problem...

I have NO idea what to do my second workshop on!

Last year, I did a workshop on a simple introduction to customising, with the different techniques of painting a model horse and my main focus was to encourage anyone of any age to have a go at picking up a paint brush onto a 3D canvas.

This year, I have two designated slots which I am very excited about! One has already been confirmed to be a hairing session (I shall have bodies ready for it!) but the other? Not a clue!

I wanted to do something else to do with customising, but does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe it could be how to airbrush a model horse, or mixing colours? I have located my video camera so I can definitely get some filming done when I am free over the summer. But what do you want to see? Let me know!



  1. Maybe how to do the details ? Such as how to get realistic eyes, hooves and painting hairs. Or/And how layering coats to build a realistic overall colour.

    1. Brilliant suggestion! I like this a lot!