Monday, 31 March 2014

Riding Holiday in Wales

This Friday just gone was the last day in uni as a third year. It signified that I have NO more lectures until next January, as I will (hopefully!) be going to Madrid in September to pursue on a research project that goes towards my final degree.

In order to celebrate, the Equestrian society that I initiated went to Wales for the weekend for a riding holiday. We trekked in the Brecon Beacons and we all had an amazing time!

The views were absolutely breathtaking. 

Cantering across the grassland and trekking into the mountainside was amazing. We even rode through rivers, up and down hills, everything! It was so much fun. On the first day, we did a full day's worth of riding with a stop at the pub in between. We rode around fields with sheep and we were also blessed to see some newborn lambs! Some were so pristine, they must have been born the night before.

The wild ponies in the countryside were also so lovely to see! Being on horseback, the animals are less frightened of you and so you can get that bit closer to nature.

Unfortunately, now that the holiday is over, it means revision time... I am still so worn out from the whole trip but I have to crack on and get working! I will be going home again in a few days so I will also be able to continue with commissions and paintwork, but for now, I shall become a hermit and do some work...


Friday, 28 March 2014

Painted Todd

I saw this beautifully painted Todd medallion today by Jodie at Joey PF Equine in the UK. It is so lovely to see my sculptures painted by different artists! I just had to share.

She has done such a wonderful job!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Busy Me!

I formulated  a list of the model horse projects I have to do, including pieces for myself and commissions. This list isn't even completed! It is a scary thought but the majority that are on their details is relaxing, and the fact that this is a quick way to show where your commission is with me in my studio if you are a customer (I hate that word!!!).

But I just love being busy and I love having the models to paint! It helps me to unwind, relax and I really do enjoy it. I may throw hissy fits over my compressor being an absolute pain in the backside, but when I am painting I can just let my creativity flow from the nozzle of my airbrush and make models come to life in miniature form. It is great!

This list doesn't include these five...

I asked for colour suggestions on my Facebook Page and I received some wonderfully inspiring ideas, thank you everyone that commented! I am looking forward to getting to work on them. 

The list above also does not account for my sculptures in progress, which I have advanced on. Horatio's tail, for starters, is about 70% finished.

I also worked on Garnet the Hackney some more, even though he is still in his ugly stages he is looking prettier all the time!

Exciting progress is exciting!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Three finished pieces

The Breyer Bouncer, Lonesome Glory and the Stablemate Shetland are now completed.

The Bouncer:

The Lonesome Glory; unfortunately his photos aren't so great but the main thing is that his dapples can be seen!

And the Breyer Shetland pony for my friend. She loves him which is great!

Unfortunately today I am heading back to university so I cannot paint anymore, but completing these three and being able to feel under control a bit more about what model horses I have left to paint, I feel a bit better about it.

I have two more horses in progress too; this Schleich TWH stallion that is in progress to a dapple bay tobiano. His whites and details need to be completed and then he is good to go.

This Hamlet is a commission piece. He is meant to be a piebald but I have just blocked in the colours in brown so the black becomes warmer when it is applied.


Monday, 24 March 2014

Updates... At last!

I ventured home this weekend as I knew it would be a while before I came back again, as I have a lot of exciting things coming up in London. This meant that, in between revision sessions, I can nip out to my studio to unwind and do some artwork!

However, yesterday, mid-way through painting... My compressor decided to die on me... I am NOT happy because I have had it for only a year to 18 months or so. I went inside angry that I couldn't paint and when I had calmed down I went back to try again, and it did work again for a period of time before cutting out once more. So not all it lost, I guess this winter has been extremely harsh for it to be affected!

Needless to say, I did get some horses on their way to being finished, and I would love to share photos with you. This first one is not a commission but is Breyer's Lonesome Glory repainted as a dappled liver chestnut. The photo is, unfortunately (and like the rest of them on this post) awful, but the dapples are there and abundant in nature, honest!

Another horse that is not a commission is Breyer's Bouncer that I am painting to a chestnut with a blanket of spots. He is spotless here, but he has them now and I just need to go over them once more (and pink his nose!) before sealing and glossing.

The next three are commissions! First up is this Phoenix resin. I was commissioned to paint her from someone in Vienna and I hope they like what I am doing so far.

This is Rose's Hadrian resin, to a mealy bay. I love the shading work I have put in (but I am loving the shading I have put in to all of my horses recently, I feel like I have turned yet another new corner in my customising skills!) I just hope his owner likes him!

I like to get the heads up from the owner on the main colour (and then for them to decide the markings) before I go any further than this stage, hence no details have been done. But it gives us time to admire that colour.

And last of all if a present for an old school friend of mine... She doesn't know yet... Hehehe! She is also horse-mad and years ago I painted her something, I must have been about 15 years of age. On comparison, thankfully, this one is in a whole new league. I can't wait to show her!

I am off to revise some more and finish these horses off at the same time. It has also been a while since I have done any sketching too and I might pull my sketchbook out... We shall see!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wordless post - Some Arabian Goodness

Last year, when I went to the Royal Windsor Horse Show, there was a beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Arabian stallion. I have just been sorting out photos I have saved and I came across some of the images I took. I thought I should share!