Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Busy Me!

I formulated  a list of the model horse projects I have to do, including pieces for myself and commissions. This list isn't even completed! It is a scary thought but the majority that are on their details is relaxing, and the fact that this is a quick way to show where your commission is with me in my studio if you are a customer (I hate that word!!!).

But I just love being busy and I love having the models to paint! It helps me to unwind, relax and I really do enjoy it. I may throw hissy fits over my compressor being an absolute pain in the backside, but when I am painting I can just let my creativity flow from the nozzle of my airbrush and make models come to life in miniature form. It is great!

This list doesn't include these five...

I asked for colour suggestions on my Facebook Page and I received some wonderfully inspiring ideas, thank you everyone that commented! I am looking forward to getting to work on them. 

The list above also does not account for my sculptures in progress, which I have advanced on. Horatio's tail, for starters, is about 70% finished.

I also worked on Garnet the Hackney some more, even though he is still in his ugly stages he is looking prettier all the time!

Exciting progress is exciting!


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