Monday, 31 March 2014

Riding Holiday in Wales

This Friday just gone was the last day in uni as a third year. It signified that I have NO more lectures until next January, as I will (hopefully!) be going to Madrid in September to pursue on a research project that goes towards my final degree.

In order to celebrate, the Equestrian society that I initiated went to Wales for the weekend for a riding holiday. We trekked in the Brecon Beacons and we all had an amazing time!

The views were absolutely breathtaking. 

Cantering across the grassland and trekking into the mountainside was amazing. We even rode through rivers, up and down hills, everything! It was so much fun. On the first day, we did a full day's worth of riding with a stop at the pub in between. We rode around fields with sheep and we were also blessed to see some newborn lambs! Some were so pristine, they must have been born the night before.

The wild ponies in the countryside were also so lovely to see! Being on horseback, the animals are less frightened of you and so you can get that bit closer to nature.

Unfortunately, now that the holiday is over, it means revision time... I am still so worn out from the whole trip but I have to crack on and get working! I will be going home again in a few days so I will also be able to continue with commissions and paintwork, but for now, I shall become a hermit and do some work...


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