Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Three finished pieces

The Breyer Bouncer, Lonesome Glory and the Stablemate Shetland are now completed.

The Bouncer:

The Lonesome Glory; unfortunately his photos aren't so great but the main thing is that his dapples can be seen!

And the Breyer Shetland pony for my friend. She loves him which is great!

Unfortunately today I am heading back to university so I cannot paint anymore, but completing these three and being able to feel under control a bit more about what model horses I have left to paint, I feel a bit better about it.

I have two more horses in progress too; this Schleich TWH stallion that is in progress to a dapple bay tobiano. His whites and details need to be completed and then he is good to go.

This Hamlet is a commission piece. He is meant to be a piebald but I have just blocked in the colours in brown so the black becomes warmer when it is applied.


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