Monday, 24 March 2014

Updates... At last!

I ventured home this weekend as I knew it would be a while before I came back again, as I have a lot of exciting things coming up in London. This meant that, in between revision sessions, I can nip out to my studio to unwind and do some artwork!

However, yesterday, mid-way through painting... My compressor decided to die on me... I am NOT happy because I have had it for only a year to 18 months or so. I went inside angry that I couldn't paint and when I had calmed down I went back to try again, and it did work again for a period of time before cutting out once more. So not all it lost, I guess this winter has been extremely harsh for it to be affected!

Needless to say, I did get some horses on their way to being finished, and I would love to share photos with you. This first one is not a commission but is Breyer's Lonesome Glory repainted as a dappled liver chestnut. The photo is, unfortunately (and like the rest of them on this post) awful, but the dapples are there and abundant in nature, honest!

Another horse that is not a commission is Breyer's Bouncer that I am painting to a chestnut with a blanket of spots. He is spotless here, but he has them now and I just need to go over them once more (and pink his nose!) before sealing and glossing.

The next three are commissions! First up is this Phoenix resin. I was commissioned to paint her from someone in Vienna and I hope they like what I am doing so far.

This is Rose's Hadrian resin, to a mealy bay. I love the shading work I have put in (but I am loving the shading I have put in to all of my horses recently, I feel like I have turned yet another new corner in my customising skills!) I just hope his owner likes him!

I like to get the heads up from the owner on the main colour (and then for them to decide the markings) before I go any further than this stage, hence no details have been done. But it gives us time to admire that colour.

And last of all if a present for an old school friend of mine... She doesn't know yet... Hehehe! She is also horse-mad and years ago I painted her something, I must have been about 15 years of age. On comparison, thankfully, this one is in a whole new league. I can't wait to show her!

I am off to revise some more and finish these horses off at the same time. It has also been a while since I have done any sketching too and I might pull my sketchbook out... We shall see!


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