Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Phoenix Resin Commission

Finished this lady!

Her owner likes her too which is a bonus! I wonder how she will do in the show ring...


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Forest Live Show Success

**photos in this blog post are not owned by me but by the owners**

Although I didn't attend the New Forest Live held this past Sunday in the South of the UK, I was certainly there in spirit! One of my recent customs, my bay roan Breyer Valentine, won her apparently large custom sporthorse class.

Photo owned by Jaime Hall
I also saw that this custom that I completed at the beginning of 2013 take a first place and a reserve champion placing!

Photo owned by Catriona Harris
I do love to see how well my painted model horses do at shows!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Al Sayyid Resin

I got this resin a few months ago as part of a trade for my commission work and I have been slowly prepping him. Since yesterday, I started to paint him and finished him this morning! I find black horses can seem boring to people but this guy has the brown undertones and I did dapple him a fair bit. The rabicano patterning is my first attempt at it too and I am pleased with how it ended up!

It makes a difference to him being a plain black as well!

A close up of his detailing...

This model also has a kind face!

I want to get an arabian costume for him now... I am thinking he would look so beautiful in purple... So anyone have one?!


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Southern Counties Championship Show

I wasn't going to attend this show (heck, I even messaged the show holder a week before asking to pull out as I had too much work!) but as I am getting more and more on top of my revision I realised that actually, I did have the capacity to attend. I am so glad I did! It was great seeing everyone again and it didn't last the whole day so I could go home and not feel guilty and revise more... Brilliant... Haha!

We were celebrating Yvonne's achievements of holding the Southern Counties series and giving us Southerners the chance to win more at shows in this part of the UK, and with birthdays being celebrated (AND because we love cake!) I baked some for the show. They turned out super nice! I do love baking...

I only had 8 horses qualified for this Championship show (horses that place up to 3rd at Southern Live Shows qualified for this show) because I have sold some horses but out of the ones I took, 7 of them placed.

I got four 2nd places and three 1st places.

I also dominated the AR Spanish class (as per usual!) My Vincenzo resin got 2nd place...

And my very own sculpture Bailadito painted by Deb Brown came first!

It was a very good day and I am so pleased I could go and support it. I even came home with another model... This time, an AAA clinkie... I am becoming addicted, help!

Colour ideas?!


Friday, 25 April 2014

Another Portrait Commission

This is another commission that is to be a portrait of a real horse, and is also another resin Phoenix model! It is such a privilege to be able to paint a fantastic resin twice in the space of a few weeks and to be selected to bring a real horse into model form.

Photo not mine - image owned by the owner
Unfortunately through painting him the compressor decided to cut out on me AGAIN! But it was probably a good place to stop. I can now sit back and tackle the project again in a few days time. I have to say that I really like the way she is going though!

The owner is pleased at this stage so far as well which is positive. I can't wait to get this one finished, she is going to look good!


Piebald Hamlet Commission

This one was done as a portrait for someone, and I am happy to have been given the opportunity to paint one this colour! I think he really suits it and he really resembles the original pony, Boots, so well.

Photo not mine - copyright is the owner's image
It has definitely made me want to paint more pinto coloured Hamlets... If I ever get the time then I will!

I also want to do some Hamlets in spotty colours!

There actually aren't too many Hamlets left in the edition which is exciting as he is nearly sold out, wow! But Horatio is on the horizon. I was going to get him finished over Easter (he is NEARLY done!) but revision and other commissions have got in the way and I have lots of other things to focus on.

There are still Bailaditos available too, as far as I know. But his edition will be closing soon, as I won't be casting anymore. I am aware that the page on this website for my finished sculptures available in my shop is currently down but this will be fixed soon, and if you are interested in purchasing a Hamlet or Bailadito then feel free to contact me.

Right, better get off the computer and pack for the Southern Counties Championship tomorrow!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Two from Tumlinson

I ordered these a good few weeks back now, I think the occasion was that I passed one of my qualifying exams for my university degree. These two are perfectly justified now as I passed the second of the exams and my revision has been going very well for my exams in May!

Three weeks from this Friday, and I will be finished (apart from summer placements!) That is a good feeling...


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Smarty Jones Breyer Custom

The Smarty Jones custom I was working on is finally complete. I wanted to post in progress photos of this ones colour as I was rather excited about it, but I have managed to keep him a secret until his unveiling now!

This model I had to take a step back halfway through painting as I started to lose inspiration halfway through the tobiano patterning, but managed to pick up again. He even has some hair detailing as the patterns grow into his blue roan coat!


Monday, 21 April 2014

New Paper

I purchased some black sketch paper and a new white Derwent pastel pencil at the weekend, in order to explore art in an inverse way.

I drew the obvious... a horse of course... I have to admit this particular one drove me crazy mainly because I used many references in order to achieve what I wanted, and because I wasn't copying 100% the idea of the photo I found it slightly more challenging! But I think I managed to pull it off somewhat.

The good news is that I can now offer my services on black paper when I do future portraits!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Burnese Mountain Puppy Drawing

I tried a different medium once again for this particular drawing. I haven't picked up traditional colouring pencils in so long and thought I had to give them a try! Unfortunately I do find them rather unforgiving but I made no critical mistakes in this little guy!

it always starts out with a brief sketch of what I want to achieve.

Once this is in place, I start with the colours. This is when I really rectify any changes I want being done to the drawing. For example, I haven't rubbed out all of the parts I didn't want to block in with colour in the first image, but once I get the other pencils out I start to refine.

I just keep going like that until the overall piece is complete! I feel, after having not touched colouring pencils in so long, that I did an OK job, although there is always room for improvement!

I just love how fluffy he is... I want to pet him!


Tip Tuesday - Repositioning Part Two

This is following on from last week's Tip Tuesday where I was repositioning my Keltec Salinero Breyer body to have an extended near fore.

The next major step to do here is to fill the gaps in! I use apoxie sculpt and after using this, would not recommend anything else. I used to use milliput and it is a great material for starting out, but if you can get hold of apoxie then I would. I get mine from Modellpferdeversand and it lasts for ages, although it can be purchased from elsewhere and it depends how much you use it.

It is easy to use and I find it great to sculpt with. A bit of water is usually needed to keep it flowing with sculpting tools and to stop it from crumbling or breaking when working with it, but this is the same with milliput.

Because it is a two part apoxie, from each pot (parts A and B) grab two similar sized balls from each pot...

And mix together! This can be achieved through mushing the two balls until the two colours completely combine. It only takes a few minutes.

When it comes to moving limbs on models, however, more work is needed than just filling the gaps in on the moved areas...

Here, the fetlock and knee needs complete reshaping. Because the plastic has been moved, doesn't mean that the model is still anatomically and conformationally correct, and this needs to be addressed.

I will tackle this in next week's Tip Tuesday with the dremmel! But for the time being, I will use my sanding pads to level off any areas of apoxie. I get my sanding pads from eBay; different grades are available and they last a long time, and because they are on spongey material you can really get into all of the crevices! I thank Kelly Savage for the tip on purchasing them, though - I can't take all the credit!

So, until next week, happy repositioning!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Two Tobiano Tennessee Walkers!

They are also both Little Bit in scale and are absolutely gorgeous.

First up is the Schleich TWH repainted to a dark dapple bay. I have had this model for a few years and he was originally going to be a leopard spot appaloosa, but in the end I settled for this colour instead. Glad I did! Although I might still have to do one in appaloosa in the future...

He is priced at £20 including UK postage.

The other is a one of a kind (OOAK) model. I bought him on eBay as a body. He already had the custom work done to him but his paintwork was half way in progress so this was stripped and he was repainted to a dark bay tobiano, more extensive than the Schleich above.

This model is truly beautiful and I believe it is my first Pebbles repaint as well!

He is also for sale, priced at £30 including UK postage.

Slowly working through these horses! I have been prepping two traditional scaled resins this morning; one is a commission and the other is for my own personal collection. I have also been working hard for my exams! I am starting to miss my social life though but seeing some friends towards the end of the week which will refresh me somewhat. I am ahead of schedule on the work front, so can relax a bit (although I am feeling quite enthusiastic about it now I have broken the back of my workload!)

I have found another little puppy I want to draw as well, so that will keep my occupied later. Which reminds me... I need to update you all about the new page on my website, a gallery for my flat art!

It is still in progress but I am slowly adding photos, and I have also set up a page regarding commissions which I will be taking on in the near future.

Right, back to work for me! And I shall make a start on that puppy drawing later... And of course, I will be sure to show you how I get on!