Saturday, 12 April 2014

An Update on Projects

Wow, haven't I been an active blogger this month! Being at home and being able to paint during revision breaks means I have been able to get back into the swing of things and I am feeling much better within myself... The weather is also helping tonnes, I have lots of good things going on right now too and plenty to look forward to in the coming months, so bring it!

My project list is also going down, which is actually a good thing!

The ones in grey are the commissions I need to do. Some are higher priority than others. It should also be noted that not all of my projects are even listed!!! Including the two stablemates in this photo.

The white layers are starting to get tedious now... And these aren't the only tobiano models in the studio!

I have run out of my primer so the other models are having to wait but this does mean I can focus on my work at university and also finish the ones that require their details. I can also dig out the old sketch book again. I had such great fun drawing the dogs the other day, I might look for other animals to study.

I hope everyone has a good weekend with this wonderful weather!


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