Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Burnese Mountain Puppy Drawing

I tried a different medium once again for this particular drawing. I haven't picked up traditional colouring pencils in so long and thought I had to give them a try! Unfortunately I do find them rather unforgiving but I made no critical mistakes in this little guy!

it always starts out with a brief sketch of what I want to achieve.

Once this is in place, I start with the colours. This is when I really rectify any changes I want being done to the drawing. For example, I haven't rubbed out all of the parts I didn't want to block in with colour in the first image, but once I get the other pencils out I start to refine.

I just keep going like that until the overall piece is complete! I feel, after having not touched colouring pencils in so long, that I did an OK job, although there is always room for improvement!

I just love how fluffy he is... I want to pet him!


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