Friday, 11 April 2014

Dancing Daisy Resin

She was meant to be Palomino like her brother Joey... But that didn't work out!

I think she suits chestnut anyway... I had such fun painting her!

The body colour was what I had in mind, it was more of a dilemma as to whether I would keep the mane and tail dark, or lighten them for the palomino colour. I decided to keep them dark!

Here she is with her brother, Joey. They really do make a nice pair.

I have painted two Dancing Daisies now, the first being a bay tobiano for the UHH 2013 last year. This one, however, is for my own personal collection, which I haven't painted for myself in a while.



  1. Squeeeee!! She looks fab Claire!! I'll look forward to seeing her out and about on the show circuit - the Daisies are doing fab this year :)