Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter time = Studio time!

Happy Friday everyone!

Following my post from yesterday, I have managed to get into the studio and do some work on my models and it feels great to be able to do so! I thought I should share some images of what I have been up to. I can't wait to get back in there later today!

This Valentine has proven herself to be popular among most hobbyists. I am painting her to a bay roan. She is nearly done, there are some places on her barrel and main body I want to touch up and her mane and tail need doing before I move onto details. But if all goes well, she should be finished today.

She will be an eventual sales piece.

I have been working on this Phoenix commission as well. I was never entirely fond of the resin before, not because I disliked it, but the sculpture just never grabbed me. However, upon seeing one in person, my opinion has greatly changed. I feel happy to be able to paint one and I really feel I have done it justice so far. In this photo (and her current situation!) she just needs her horse shoes painting with some chrome I have before she is sealed and glossed.

I have another in my studio which is also a commission, I cannot wait to get started on her! She will be a chestnut, based on this filly.

*Not my image!*
I have a Hamlet commission I am working on, as well. He is to be a piebald, although currently looks skewbald. This is just to warm the black colour up that will be applied. Here he is with other tobiano models in progress.

I don't know why, but I seem to be going through a tobiano phase! These other models were spare bodies in my studio, and whenever I have spare paint in my airbrush from another model, I pick one of these up and also start painting it. It avoids paint wastage.

Because those other three are not commissions, they will also be for sale.

I need to update the For Sale page on this website, actually! I shall be reducing prices even further and adding some new ones up. So... stay tuned!


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