Saturday, 5 April 2014

Golden Retrievier

Not model horse related but art related all the same! In my revision break last night for two hours I had to focus on something else, and I couldn't go out into the studio. I was, however, craving to draw something! So I got out my sketch book and drew out a Golden Retriever, based on a photo I came across on Pinterest.

Instead of using pencils, however, I got my charcoal out for a change of medium. It is much coarser and although you can rub it out, I do still find it somewhat less forgiving than pencils.

The hair detail was fun to do, I think I should draw long-haired creatures more often! The finished result I am incredibly happy with.

By this point I was ready to study again for a short while. It is definitely good to take breaks!

Well, its early in the morning and once I am back from dropping my sister off in town I shall be back out in the studio for a period of time... I saw some images of horses online this morning and I feel incredibly inspired! I also have a couple of Tip Tuesday ideas, something I haven't done for a while.

Have a great weekend!


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