Friday, 25 April 2014

Piebald Hamlet Commission

This one was done as a portrait for someone, and I am happy to have been given the opportunity to paint one this colour! I think he really suits it and he really resembles the original pony, Boots, so well.

Photo not mine - copyright is the owner's image
It has definitely made me want to paint more pinto coloured Hamlets... If I ever get the time then I will!

I also want to do some Hamlets in spotty colours!

There actually aren't too many Hamlets left in the edition which is exciting as he is nearly sold out, wow! But Horatio is on the horizon. I was going to get him finished over Easter (he is NEARLY done!) but revision and other commissions have got in the way and I have lots of other things to focus on.

There are still Bailaditos available too, as far as I know. But his edition will be closing soon, as I won't be casting anymore. I am aware that the page on this website for my finished sculptures available in my shop is currently down but this will be fixed soon, and if you are interested in purchasing a Hamlet or Bailadito then feel free to contact me.

Right, better get off the computer and pack for the Southern Counties Championship tomorrow!


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