Sunday, 27 April 2014

Southern Counties Championship Show

I wasn't going to attend this show (heck, I even messaged the show holder a week before asking to pull out as I had too much work!) but as I am getting more and more on top of my revision I realised that actually, I did have the capacity to attend. I am so glad I did! It was great seeing everyone again and it didn't last the whole day so I could go home and not feel guilty and revise more... Brilliant... Haha!

We were celebrating Yvonne's achievements of holding the Southern Counties series and giving us Southerners the chance to win more at shows in this part of the UK, and with birthdays being celebrated (AND because we love cake!) I baked some for the show. They turned out super nice! I do love baking...

I only had 8 horses qualified for this Championship show (horses that place up to 3rd at Southern Live Shows qualified for this show) because I have sold some horses but out of the ones I took, 7 of them placed.

I got four 2nd places and three 1st places.

I also dominated the AR Spanish class (as per usual!) My Vincenzo resin got 2nd place...

And my very own sculpture Bailadito painted by Deb Brown came first!

It was a very good day and I am so pleased I could go and support it. I even came home with another model... This time, an AAA clinkie... I am becoming addicted, help!

Colour ideas?!


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