Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tip Tuesday - Repositioning Part Two

This is following on from last week's Tip Tuesday where I was repositioning my Keltec Salinero Breyer body to have an extended near fore.

The next major step to do here is to fill the gaps in! I use apoxie sculpt and after using this, would not recommend anything else. I used to use milliput and it is a great material for starting out, but if you can get hold of apoxie then I would. I get mine from Modellpferdeversand and it lasts for ages, although it can be purchased from elsewhere and it depends how much you use it.

It is easy to use and I find it great to sculpt with. A bit of water is usually needed to keep it flowing with sculpting tools and to stop it from crumbling or breaking when working with it, but this is the same with milliput.

Because it is a two part apoxie, from each pot (parts A and B) grab two similar sized balls from each pot...

And mix together! This can be achieved through mushing the two balls until the two colours completely combine. It only takes a few minutes.

When it comes to moving limbs on models, however, more work is needed than just filling the gaps in on the moved areas...

Here, the fetlock and knee needs complete reshaping. Because the plastic has been moved, doesn't mean that the model is still anatomically and conformationally correct, and this needs to be addressed.

I will tackle this in next week's Tip Tuesday with the dremmel! But for the time being, I will use my sanding pads to level off any areas of apoxie. I get my sanding pads from eBay; different grades are available and they last a long time, and because they are on spongey material you can really get into all of the crevices! I thank Kelly Savage for the tip on purchasing them, though - I can't take all the credit!

So, until next week, happy repositioning!


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