Monday, 14 April 2014

Two Tobiano Tennessee Walkers!

They are also both Little Bit in scale and are absolutely gorgeous.

First up is the Schleich TWH repainted to a dark dapple bay. I have had this model for a few years and he was originally going to be a leopard spot appaloosa, but in the end I settled for this colour instead. Glad I did! Although I might still have to do one in appaloosa in the future...

He is priced at £20 including UK postage.

The other is a one of a kind (OOAK) model. I bought him on eBay as a body. He already had the custom work done to him but his paintwork was half way in progress so this was stripped and he was repainted to a dark bay tobiano, more extensive than the Schleich above.

This model is truly beautiful and I believe it is my first Pebbles repaint as well!

He is also for sale, priced at £30 including UK postage.

Slowly working through these horses! I have been prepping two traditional scaled resins this morning; one is a commission and the other is for my own personal collection. I have also been working hard for my exams! I am starting to miss my social life though but seeing some friends towards the end of the week which will refresh me somewhat. I am ahead of schedule on the work front, so can relax a bit (although I am feeling quite enthusiastic about it now I have broken the back of my workload!)

I have found another little puppy I want to draw as well, so that will keep my occupied later. Which reminds me... I need to update you all about the new page on my website, a gallery for my flat art!

It is still in progress but I am slowly adding photos, and I have also set up a page regarding commissions which I will be taking on in the near future.

Right, back to work for me! And I shall make a start on that puppy drawing later... And of course, I will be sure to show you how I get on!


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