Saturday, 31 May 2014


I am returning home today for a flying visit (I have to be up in London again for Tuesday for an interview...) and I have some updates to share with you for the time being, just so everyone knows what is happening within the studio.

The other day, I offered commission slots for my 2D artwork and model horse painting. The spaces for the model horse painting have now been filled (thanks for the interest!) but I do have spaces still free for portrait work. If you are interested please get in touch!

Horatio, I am pleased to announce, has also had enough interest and he will be able to financially support himself to be cast and sold as an edition, so I am happy about that! I will be contacting the casters shortly (after this weekend where he will be 'finished' which means I will tidy up his hooves and sand, and make him all one colour for ease of viewing). I am excited about him!

He is still open for pre-orders so if you would like to still be one of the first ten people to order him please visit this page here. I also understand if you would like to wait until you see 'finished' images!

I will be doing a head count of my other two remaining sculptures too as I have had recent interest in them, and I will let you know and will update the page I posted in the previous paragraph accordingly. As well as that, I will be picking up my sculpting tools and clay as I have been itching to do another medallion for ages... My main inspiration for a new medallion is through this image.

I also found my digital camera recorder so I will be able to do more video tutorials on me painting. I plan to use this as a tool at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 when I am presenting my workshops and I know people wanted me to maybe do a studio tour... We shall see. :-)

And finally... My friend Kelly of Kelly's Studio recently purchased the Paypal Chip and Pin device. We both came across this idea last year but decided against it but the other day she went ahead and bought one. It looks cool so far and after reading reviews (and after seeing that they are currently half price!) I am wondering if I should make a purchase, although I am wondering if it would be worthwhile...

Would it benefit people if they came across my work at shows and events?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to updating you with progress in the studio over the coming weeks!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


A big thanks first of all to those already pre-ordered!

I am offering Horatio up for pre-orders FINALLY for those that have imagination... I was going to wait until he was 100% ready to go (including being primered with a thin layer so that he was all one colour, so people could see more easily what he looks like) but instead he needs a tiny bit more work on his tail and feet before being completely done and sent for casting. This will all happen in the next few weeks if all goes to plan!

However, those interested in pre-ordering need to be aware that you may not receive your Horatio until August-time. I am also not sure whether I will be able to paint any copies for anyone either until closer to the time, so please bear this in mind!

To pre-order, it is a £15 deposit (50%). I would like at least 10 orders before deciding whether to go ahead and have him cast in resin form or not. So, if you would like a Horatio and to be one of the first ten people to own one, pre-order now!

If you want to pre-order, please see the sculpture sales page of my website where you will see the paypal button to pay the £15.



Monday, 26 May 2014

Getting ready for the UHH

With a space in the 'See, Sell and Shop' marquee at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 (this is a new area to the UHH!) I decided to get some supplies to properly display my work for when the event comes... I was too excited by this stuff so I have to share it with you all!

First up is this tiered stand. It is the perfect size for the stablemates and mini resins that I will have on display there. They can usually be quite small such that the larger, traditional scaled model horses can overpower them on the table. Hopefully this display stand will make them more obvious!

I also have an iPad mini that I plan on using when I am on the stand. I plan on creating some form of slide show demonstrating more of my work, the live show placings and awards I have achieved in the model horse hobby and much more. Because of this, I thought I needed a matching stand to go with my display for my stablemates!

And last of all, something for my business cards... I remember last year I got through a lot of these at the UHH 2014, so this time I thought that having a little acrylic display for them to keep them properly organised and neatly laid out (and so they don't get blown away or anything!) would help me out.

I am so looking forward to the event!

Do make sure to attend my talks if you are attending the festival, I will be doing one on hairing the model horse and also basic colours needed for customising (I will also hopefully have some video footage to show too). I also plan on having some real demonstrations while I am there over the period of the show, which includes finishing off some of the haired models I will be bringing with me to show for my first talk. I would bring my airbrush but I will be lacking space!

Perhaps I could bring some sculptures to work on, if I will be working on any...

I have also invited my Dad along to help me man the stall and to help me out in general, which is great seeing as I will be going off to do talks. He also loves this kind of thing!

Roll on August!!!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Royal Windsor Horse Show - Carriage Driving

After the Lusitano and partbred class I went over to the Castle Arena where the carriage horses were parading.

The tack was pristine and the horses magnificent! I even got to see Prince Philip which was a treat.

There were Hackneys, friesians, welshies and even little shetlands pulling carts around the arena.

Many more photos were taken but I thought I should share just my favourites!


Friday, 23 May 2014

Royal Windsor Horse Show - last of the Lusitanos

There weren't just grey Iberian horses at the show...

There were a couple of bay horses...

And even a stunning black stallion.

In my next blog post about the RWHS I will post some images of the carriage horses!


Royal Windsor Horse Show - More Lusitanos!

As well as the perlino horse I spoke about in my previous post, there were more stunning horses that also deserved my attention!

One horse in particular was this Lusitano stallion that I remember seeing last year. He definitely stood out to me as I remember him winning the Iberian class. He really was a lovely mover and had distinctive pigmentation around his eyes.

He was also incredibly photogenic! All of the horses were. Another grey horse was this gorgeous mover. He literally floated over the ground.

This stallion in particular, yet another grey (but dappled this time) really reminds me of my Obrigado resin by Brigitte Eberl!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Royal Windsor Horse Show - Perlino Lusitano

Sunday 18th May was an absolutely beautiful day and it had the perfect weather for this Horse Show. I attended for the first time last year and the horses you see there are beautiful.

This year was no exception. I saw this stunning Lusitano (it could have been a part bred) that was cremello in colour. He was breathtaking and I had to get some photos! I edited a few so his colour and beauty could really be captured (these are my 'photography' shots) and the rest are just to show how flawless he was and his fluid movement.

I was in love with him and he definitely stood out in the show ring. All of the other horses were bays and greys.

Over the coming few days I will be sharing more photos from the day I attended itself. Be prepared for more Iberian eyecandy!

It was a perfect way to celebrate finishing my university exams...


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Updated Project List

The commissions are slowly going down as I have a few remaining with me in the studio, so I will slowly keep plugging away at those while I simultaneously tackle the other bodies I need to paint!

I also have a whole bunch of Stablemate bodies that I need to paint and get out of the way, but I am absolutely stumped on colour ideas! Over the next few weeks I will get a photo of all of the stablemates I have and will offer a 'commission me' service on them I reckon.

I hope people will be interested in that idea!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kitten Drawing

After my exam on Monday (which I thought went rather well, although my friends disagree...) I needed time out time, and I got out my pencils and spent a little over an hour and a half or so on this little thing.

It is a Scottish Fold kitten. I altered the original image slightly including the eyes, dilating the pupil massively and I made the tail chunkier and gave it more of a fluffy edge. He is on A5 paper.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Breyerfest 2014!

I will definitely be blogging about EVERY DAY I attend Breyerfest and I shall be volunteering my help on the first and last day of NAN, so will be there for photo taking and even more blogging then to everyone. The whole week from July 7th to July 14th is going to be so good.

I will be staying at the local Embassy Suites with two hobby friends and we will definitely be hitting the happy hour at the bar every night and filling upon the complementary breakfast every day before making the short journey over to the Horse Park.

My Breyerfest tickets came in the post the other day. I have a special badge and a ticket to pick up the Silver Jubilee program, a ticket for the day, a ticket for their special model horse on the Goffert mould and the opportunity for two Special Runs.

I have the opportunity for the free model because I have a special three-day ticket. The horse's name is Gooitzen fan Teakesyl and is also a guest horse at the festival. I will be sure to meet him!

There was some bad press about him (people claiming he is too similar to Goffert etc. the original Breyer) but I disagree... He will also be special in his own right. I don't even collect Original Finish models but this one I will make an exception, a bit like my Alborozo model (and I still want a Breyer Sato!)

With my ticket that gives me the opportunity to purchase two Special Runs, I have one I MUST get and two I am undecided about... Reach for the Stars is the must-have for me.

The other two are either Bonne Fete and Champagne Toast... Although I think Bonne Fete wins over the two.

The colours on them are very nice though!

They will be fantastic souvenirs from the festival.

I am SO looking forward to blogging about the whole event and showing you! I want you to all live the experience with me.


Monday, 12 May 2014

House Party Live

For the past month or so there has been a live show every week in the UK! I have only attended one of these shows (The Southern Counties Championship Show) but since then there was the New Forest Live the day after, the Animal Artistry Show the following week and yesterday was a special House Party Live held in the North.

As you can guess by the name, this live show was held in a house! I have never been to one of these shows before but they certainly seem like fun.

Right now I am in the middle of exam period and, with other personal issues kicking off out of my control, I am definitely starting to struggle a bit. Yesterday afternoon was certainly not a good day. It wasn't until late at night when a friend and fellow hobbyist Amanda Greaves of Ymagier Studio (definitely 'like' her Facebook page!) popped me a message to share this lovely news.

Image not owned by me, but the owner

Amanda purchased this Hamlet the first day he was released in August and painted him herself to an exquisite bay tobiano colour. At the show yesterday, he won his class and got section reserve champion, and then went on to get supreme overall reserve.

For me being the sculptor, and she being the painter, we are definitely two happy mummies!

This is the most successful full horse sculpture to date and I have found this piece of news so inspiring to me! I have definitely missed sculpting over the months and now I really want to get back into it. I need to finish off Garnet and Horatio first though and get the projects out of the way...

For anyone that wants to see another photo of this model...

Photo owned by Amanda Greaves

If anyone also wants to still purchase a Hamlet, I think I have a couple left but need to check! I am away at university at the moment but when I am back in June time I can have a rummage. If people are interested, contact me and I can put you on a list of some form perhaps and then get back to you.



Sunday, 11 May 2014

NAN 2014 Registration

The deadline is tomorrow! Luckily I am going to send my cards out tomorrow when the Post Office is open and I have already registered and paid online.

Seeing as I am not a resident of the United States, and because it is my first time showing at NAN, I think only bringing 8 horses is fair! I am doing a miniature 'tour' of the United States as well afterwards (and I am spending Independence Day in New York too!) so I will actually be out there for the entire month of July. I am so excited!

A refresher for the models I am taking... First up is Be My Valentine, my bowing Lusitano by Brigitte Eberl, more commonly known as Vincenzo.

He has always been so successful in the show ring here in the UK. I am not expecting anything to win as such at NAN as I am aware just how big the show is and the high quality of the work there. I am mainly going for the experience, to hang out with my friends and to meet some of the famous artist faces in the States in the model horse world.

Fan, a sculpture by Kelly Sealey, will also be attending.

Fan is the type of model where she will either do extremely well at a show, or not even place. I have quite a few models like that! That is all part of the showing experience though, all models 'perform' differently on different days and that is what makes it exciting.

The all-famous Fantastic Mr. Fox will also be making a voyage to the US!

I cannot believe I was offering him up for sale for a period of time... I am so glad he is still with me... Although of course there are so many other horses I wish I still had! Luckily I am getting another cabinet to store my mini models in so I can keep a lot more of my horses... Nothing bad about that! They are all treasures to me.

Jellitot has been in my collection for about four years... Such an unoriginal name, seeing as the AR name is 'Jellibaby'. When Adalee Velasquez first sculpted this little filly, I had to take her!

Joey is another Kelly sculpture; it is her Union Jack she sculpted for the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2012. I actually show him as an Australian Stock Horse now but this one's BMECS card that I am using for NAN has him qualified as a Quarter Horse, so he must remain as one for the show.

That is the nice thing about the sculpture, though; Thoroughbreds (what the original model is sculpted as), Quarter Horses and Australian Stock Horses are all similar in their make-up when you look at breed ancestry, so it all works.

Porsche is another famous model of mine, getting more than just Championship Status at the Glitz and Glamour Live Show last year in Oxfordshire.

Sabrina, a beautiful sculpture by Lyn Fraley, is attending and is being shown as a Nez Perce.

She has attended and placed at BMECS (along with a lot of others from my showstring) and she did well. I am still not expecting anything at NAN though... The competition will be so tough!

And last, but certainly not least... He may be small but is certainly mighty! Take Me On!

I painted him back in 2008! He has always done well (like a lot of my micros) I still need more...

Wish my models luck!