Monday, 26 May 2014

Getting ready for the UHH

With a space in the 'See, Sell and Shop' marquee at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 (this is a new area to the UHH!) I decided to get some supplies to properly display my work for when the event comes... I was too excited by this stuff so I have to share it with you all!

First up is this tiered stand. It is the perfect size for the stablemates and mini resins that I will have on display there. They can usually be quite small such that the larger, traditional scaled model horses can overpower them on the table. Hopefully this display stand will make them more obvious!

I also have an iPad mini that I plan on using when I am on the stand. I plan on creating some form of slide show demonstrating more of my work, the live show placings and awards I have achieved in the model horse hobby and much more. Because of this, I thought I needed a matching stand to go with my display for my stablemates!

And last of all, something for my business cards... I remember last year I got through a lot of these at the UHH 2014, so this time I thought that having a little acrylic display for them to keep them properly organised and neatly laid out (and so they don't get blown away or anything!) would help me out.

I am so looking forward to the event!

Do make sure to attend my talks if you are attending the festival, I will be doing one on hairing the model horse and also basic colours needed for customising (I will also hopefully have some video footage to show too). I also plan on having some real demonstrations while I am there over the period of the show, which includes finishing off some of the haired models I will be bringing with me to show for my first talk. I would bring my airbrush but I will be lacking space!

Perhaps I could bring some sculptures to work on, if I will be working on any...

I have also invited my Dad along to help me man the stall and to help me out in general, which is great seeing as I will be going off to do talks. He also loves this kind of thing!

Roll on August!!!


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