Wednesday, 28 May 2014


A big thanks first of all to those already pre-ordered!

I am offering Horatio up for pre-orders FINALLY for those that have imagination... I was going to wait until he was 100% ready to go (including being primered with a thin layer so that he was all one colour, so people could see more easily what he looks like) but instead he needs a tiny bit more work on his tail and feet before being completely done and sent for casting. This will all happen in the next few weeks if all goes to plan!

However, those interested in pre-ordering need to be aware that you may not receive your Horatio until August-time. I am also not sure whether I will be able to paint any copies for anyone either until closer to the time, so please bear this in mind!

To pre-order, it is a £15 deposit (50%). I would like at least 10 orders before deciding whether to go ahead and have him cast in resin form or not. So, if you would like a Horatio and to be one of the first ten people to own one, pre-order now!

If you want to pre-order, please see the sculpture sales page of my website where you will see the paypal button to pay the £15.



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