Monday, 12 May 2014

House Party Live

For the past month or so there has been a live show every week in the UK! I have only attended one of these shows (The Southern Counties Championship Show) but since then there was the New Forest Live the day after, the Animal Artistry Show the following week and yesterday was a special House Party Live held in the North.

As you can guess by the name, this live show was held in a house! I have never been to one of these shows before but they certainly seem like fun.

Right now I am in the middle of exam period and, with other personal issues kicking off out of my control, I am definitely starting to struggle a bit. Yesterday afternoon was certainly not a good day. It wasn't until late at night when a friend and fellow hobbyist Amanda Greaves of Ymagier Studio (definitely 'like' her Facebook page!) popped me a message to share this lovely news.

Image not owned by me, but the owner

Amanda purchased this Hamlet the first day he was released in August and painted him herself to an exquisite bay tobiano colour. At the show yesterday, he won his class and got section reserve champion, and then went on to get supreme overall reserve.

For me being the sculptor, and she being the painter, we are definitely two happy mummies!

This is the most successful full horse sculpture to date and I have found this piece of news so inspiring to me! I have definitely missed sculpting over the months and now I really want to get back into it. I need to finish off Garnet and Horatio first though and get the projects out of the way...

For anyone that wants to see another photo of this model...

Photo owned by Amanda Greaves

If anyone also wants to still purchase a Hamlet, I think I have a couple left but need to check! I am away at university at the moment but when I am back in June time I can have a rummage. If people are interested, contact me and I can put you on a list of some form perhaps and then get back to you.



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