Sunday, 11 May 2014

NAN 2014 Registration

The deadline is tomorrow! Luckily I am going to send my cards out tomorrow when the Post Office is open and I have already registered and paid online.

Seeing as I am not a resident of the United States, and because it is my first time showing at NAN, I think only bringing 8 horses is fair! I am doing a miniature 'tour' of the United States as well afterwards (and I am spending Independence Day in New York too!) so I will actually be out there for the entire month of July. I am so excited!

A refresher for the models I am taking... First up is Be My Valentine, my bowing Lusitano by Brigitte Eberl, more commonly known as Vincenzo.

He has always been so successful in the show ring here in the UK. I am not expecting anything to win as such at NAN as I am aware just how big the show is and the high quality of the work there. I am mainly going for the experience, to hang out with my friends and to meet some of the famous artist faces in the States in the model horse world.

Fan, a sculpture by Kelly Sealey, will also be attending.

Fan is the type of model where she will either do extremely well at a show, or not even place. I have quite a few models like that! That is all part of the showing experience though, all models 'perform' differently on different days and that is what makes it exciting.

The all-famous Fantastic Mr. Fox will also be making a voyage to the US!

I cannot believe I was offering him up for sale for a period of time... I am so glad he is still with me... Although of course there are so many other horses I wish I still had! Luckily I am getting another cabinet to store my mini models in so I can keep a lot more of my horses... Nothing bad about that! They are all treasures to me.

Jellitot has been in my collection for about four years... Such an unoriginal name, seeing as the AR name is 'Jellibaby'. When Adalee Velasquez first sculpted this little filly, I had to take her!

Joey is another Kelly sculpture; it is her Union Jack she sculpted for the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2012. I actually show him as an Australian Stock Horse now but this one's BMECS card that I am using for NAN has him qualified as a Quarter Horse, so he must remain as one for the show.

That is the nice thing about the sculpture, though; Thoroughbreds (what the original model is sculpted as), Quarter Horses and Australian Stock Horses are all similar in their make-up when you look at breed ancestry, so it all works.

Porsche is another famous model of mine, getting more than just Championship Status at the Glitz and Glamour Live Show last year in Oxfordshire.

Sabrina, a beautiful sculpture by Lyn Fraley, is attending and is being shown as a Nez Perce.

She has attended and placed at BMECS (along with a lot of others from my showstring) and she did well. I am still not expecting anything at NAN though... The competition will be so tough!

And last, but certainly not least... He may be small but is certainly mighty! Take Me On!

I painted him back in 2008! He has always done well (like a lot of my micros) I still need more...

Wish my models luck!


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