Thursday, 22 May 2014

Royal Windsor Horse Show - Perlino Lusitano

Sunday 18th May was an absolutely beautiful day and it had the perfect weather for this Horse Show. I attended for the first time last year and the horses you see there are beautiful.

This year was no exception. I saw this stunning Lusitano (it could have been a part bred) that was cremello in colour. He was breathtaking and I had to get some photos! I edited a few so his colour and beauty could really be captured (these are my 'photography' shots) and the rest are just to show how flawless he was and his fluid movement.

I was in love with him and he definitely stood out in the show ring. All of the other horses were bays and greys.

Over the coming few days I will be sharing more photos from the day I attended itself. Be prepared for more Iberian eyecandy!

It was a perfect way to celebrate finishing my university exams...


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