Saturday, 31 May 2014


I am returning home today for a flying visit (I have to be up in London again for Tuesday for an interview...) and I have some updates to share with you for the time being, just so everyone knows what is happening within the studio.

The other day, I offered commission slots for my 2D artwork and model horse painting. The spaces for the model horse painting have now been filled (thanks for the interest!) but I do have spaces still free for portrait work. If you are interested please get in touch!

Horatio, I am pleased to announce, has also had enough interest and he will be able to financially support himself to be cast and sold as an edition, so I am happy about that! I will be contacting the casters shortly (after this weekend where he will be 'finished' which means I will tidy up his hooves and sand, and make him all one colour for ease of viewing). I am excited about him!

He is still open for pre-orders so if you would like to still be one of the first ten people to order him please visit this page here. I also understand if you would like to wait until you see 'finished' images!

I will be doing a head count of my other two remaining sculptures too as I have had recent interest in them, and I will let you know and will update the page I posted in the previous paragraph accordingly. As well as that, I will be picking up my sculpting tools and clay as I have been itching to do another medallion for ages... My main inspiration for a new medallion is through this image.

I also found my digital camera recorder so I will be able to do more video tutorials on me painting. I plan to use this as a tool at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014 when I am presenting my workshops and I know people wanted me to maybe do a studio tour... We shall see. :-)

And finally... My friend Kelly of Kelly's Studio recently purchased the Paypal Chip and Pin device. We both came across this idea last year but decided against it but the other day she went ahead and bought one. It looks cool so far and after reading reviews (and after seeing that they are currently half price!) I am wondering if I should make a purchase, although I am wondering if it would be worthwhile...

Would it benefit people if they came across my work at shows and events?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to updating you with progress in the studio over the coming weeks!

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