Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tanoka is casting and available to order!

Yippee! Casting is going extremely well, better than I had planned, and he is now available for people to purchase! This is the second casting here. The first and second castings help 'clean' the mould and to also help me to identify where any air bubbles are likely to appear, so I know for the future and I can eliminate them. But this one came out super well!

In fact, the first casting did too (although his air bubbles were worse, a couple of mane chunks were missing!) and I managed to fix the areas that didn't cast and quickly painted him as a promotion piece.

It isn't a very good photo, to be honest... He is MUCH more handsome in real life!

He actually also goes quite nicely alongside my Gallega medallion that I sculpted back in 2011. This photo gives you a good size guide as well.

He is quite a lot larger!

He is available to order through my Sculptures For Sale page. I am also doing a deal for more than one bought! Prices do not include postage though, this has to be added separately.

Thank you!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tanoka medallion is finished

Following on from this blog post a couple of days ago, I received a lot of wonderful help from hobbyists, and after a few more hours work I can safely say that my Tanoka medallion is now complete and mould making will begin in the next 24-48 hours.

Price-wise, I cannot confirm this just yet, but it will be between £10 and £15, not including postage costs. I thought I was going to need extra moulding supplies but now it is looking as if I don't (the stands I made for Totilas, Huck and Salinero were moulded using the same moulding material I plan to use for this one, and the mould set fine so it should be ok!) so this will help keep costs down.

The interest I have had in this medallion has been great! I can't wait to start producing him!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Huck/Salinero/Totilas Stand

I am so excited about this!

Over the past few weeks or so I made a promise to myself to create a base of some form for not only me, but for other hobbyists for our models that require the clear plastic stands with the pegs. Too many times have these snapped with our models and pegs get stuck, or they get lost easily. Sometimes we purchase them second hand and they do not even come with their stands!

This should happen no more, and I am so happy I have been able to do this.

I sculpted a stand from scratch and made a mould. Granted, the catalyst for the silica mould is out of date and hence I had to use more as the catalyst had probably denatured somewhat (the expiry is usually set where 5% or so has denatured... But this is only a guess!) but it did eventually set and this morning I cast the first base.

Because the pegs can snap easily within the hole in the model's hoof, I decided to wire-reinforce the peg area. This means they will be sturdier, will be able to cope with more strain and will last longer. I simply cut a piece of wire,

And bent it into an L shape. 

I then placed it into the peg area, with the tail hanging out. This bit will be in the main area of the base and will further re-enforce the use of the wire, as a simple straight piece of wire wouldn't be too beneficial on its own. 

The resin I used to cast is the same resin that all of my medallions are cast in. It is by Tiranti and is a yellow resin. In the future I may invest in a white resin as it certainly looks cleaner!

I mixed the two parts and poured it into the mould, making sure it went into the peg hole and ensured no air bubbles would be trapped in this part - it is the most important area in this mould after all, and it would definitely be pointless if the peg didn't cast!

After 15 to 20 minutes and the resin had set, I de-moulded the casting. 

Just because the casting had come out ok, though, didn't necessarily mean the base would work... So I had to try it out! Unfortunately I no longer have a Salinero model to hand, nor a Huckleberry Bey. However, I do have a Totilas custom and so I put it to the test...


I can also confirm that the clear plastic stands would not cope with the carpet surface I used purposefully for the photos, and my model would have fallen over (as this has been tested in the past!).

So overall it was a perfect creation. I will be offering these to people to purchase if they want, only to cover the cost of making them and postage if they need to be sent. The beauty of these is that they can also be painted but the yellow resin also means they could be left as is, for they are a similar colour to sand.

I am so excited to be able to make these for people, and more horses will be able to be displayed!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Medallion - Tanoka

This medallion has been in my mind for a couple of months now, after seeing a beautiful image while browsing Pinterest.

Pinterest is such a good place for finding inspiration!

Not based off this image 100% (for copyright reasons) and due to inspiration from Tanoka, my old Spanish horse, I decided to recreate him in medallion form. 1 to 2 hours in, he was *roughly* starting to take shape.

I drew my design on a piece of paper roughly to see if it would work (what you can see there on the white is the mane blocked in with pencil!) and then I got sculpting. After 3 to 4 hours, he was taking more shape.

At this stage, I blocked in the mane there and placed a vein roughly on his face to see where he was heading. The mane helped me to visualise the medallion. Usually the details such as the mane and other details are added on at the end but I kept the mane and forelock on and it has helped massively.

5 hours in, he was taking more shape.

And 6.5 hours or so later, details are being added. Areas are still incredibly rough and need to be smoothed but he isn't far away from being 100% finished. I can't believe how quick he has progressed!

I have already received a great deal of interest for this chap! Edition-wise he will probably be the same as Todd and Gallega (approximately 30 copies in resin) but the good news is that he will be cheaper than Gallega and Todd were - AND he is bigger! He measures approximately 10cm from the bottom to the top, so he will be of greater value.

My original aim was to have him finished by the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo, but he has come along so fast. A week on Thursday I am jetting off to the States for a month (eee!) so maybe I will get him finished before then and leave him to 'rest' for a month so I can see him with fresh eyes when I return. Then, I can cast the edition over August.

This is all what I have planned, anyway!

Exciting times!


Syria Crisis Appeal Live 2014 - Part Three

The afternoon went for a long time and I managed to get away at 6pm, even though the show wasn't entirely finished but I had a two-hour drive home. More of my horses got placings,

and I also enjoyed viewing the other horses that were at the show.

The performance section, that ran in a second room for the majority of the day, was great to look at as well. Especially the scene class, where a lot of effort went into some of the entries! My favourite scene was this one, it had so much detail.

All in all, it was an incredibly enjoyable day and I heard that £100 was raised for the appeal. This is a fantastic amount and it is so nice to hear that the shows we hold raise money in such a way!


Monday, 23 June 2014

Syria Crisis Appeal Live 2014 - Part Two

The raffle was a large event at this show - there was a large bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a lot of us had our eyes on it! It was the last to be drawn in the raffle and I was so ecstatic (yet worried I was going to have rocks thrown at me!) to win it!

I also won a Schleich pony, but obviously I was more happy about the alcohol... Haha!

The fun classes at lunch were amazingly funny, too! We all love baking at the live shows we attend recently, and I have got into baking too. In fact, I have a new blog website if anyone wishes to follow it and also loves baking, I post recipes on it:

For the fun classes, there was a 'horse themed cake baking' class, and I was absolutely clueless about ideas until I realised I could use my mini whinnies! So I just made a beach scene...

I came third (...out of three!) but I don't mind, it was just great fun taking part, making it and decorating it! And the winner was well deserved. It was (literally!) a pile of poo!

There was also an Other Animal class. Someone entered themselves as a 'cougar'!! They came second!

The medallion class which also ran was a bit more serious as this was properly judged. After all, this class in particular had BMECS qualification cards so it needed to be judged properly. Some of my medallions that I sculpted (and some painted) got placings.

Part three will come soon where it will focus on the afternoon's activities!


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Syria Crisis Appeal Live 2014 - Part One

What a day yesterday!

Overall I obtained:
1st place x 3 (BMECS)
2nd place x 5 (BMECS)
3rd place x 4
4th place x 2
5th place x 8
6th place x 2

Which is fantastic!

I woke up at around 5am when I didn't have to get up until 6am, just because I was too excited (and with it being the longest day, obviously it is light at 5am and I am very sensitive to this when I sleep!) I was up and out by 7am to get to the show at 9am. I then unpacked my models.

Workmanship was first, OF was in the middle ring which ran all day and CTF was at the far end where I judged the majority of it for the day. There were little snacks at the tables (and lots and lots of biscuits and chocolate!) to keep us going!

This was good for me as it is nice to still enter classes while judging at the same time, it breaks the 'workload' up (I love judging but can get tiring if non-stop!) and I got nice little surprises as my horses did well in the workmanship section!

I was very pleased with all of the placings I received on the day - Pearl the pegasus came 2nd in both Workmanship and breed and Peca the leopard spot won her workmanship class and came 2nd in her partbred class. 

While judging the CTF classes, I came across some gorgeous models that I wish I owned. Although they are cast in latex and are less realistic than resins, some of the conformations on the models (and their characters!) are so charming.

Judging the championship was so hard!

Part two coming in a jiff!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Two Commissions, both Animal Artistry

Hi everyone!

I have just got back from visiting friends from Barcelona and it has just been non-stop at home, I have been making cakes and tidying, doing other errands that needed to be done and even finishing these two commissions which sport in this blog post! Apologies for the photo quality, they were taken late at night. I now need to pack them for the Syria Crisis Appeal Live which is tomorrow in Woodcote, Oxfordshire. It is a two-hour drive for me so leaving at 7am, although I am aware of others waking up at 3am so I am grateful indeed!

The first one is the AA Snowblown resin. This is a Sleepy Shire remake and I have wanted one for a long time! Being able to paint one is the next best thing. The colour was a real treat to do as well.

I will show him as a Clydesdale tomorrow and will see how that goes. 

He does also have pinking on his muzzle but because I took the photos so late at night, the camera flash on my phone simply washed it out... Oh well!

The next one was another colour that was extremely fun to paint! It also makes this model that bit more unique. Because of the breed that this model is meant to be, it seems to be restricted with possible colours. But with this combination, I think is will be successful (it makes him unique and stand out!)

I will be handing this one over to his owner when I get to the show tomorrow but will still keep an eye on him in the show ring. No doubt he will be entering the part bred class, which will be massive...

I am grateful to have the opportunities to paint these!

I will be also taking my ISH in progress with a new neck to work on if I have any free time at all tomorrow too, although I am judging an awful lot tomorrow too so we shall see.