Saturday, 7 June 2014

A few repaints

I have been working rather efficiently in the studio, getting lots of models painted. The first few are stablemates that I need to get done and out of the way!

I painted a G2 Warmblood to a chestnut splash paint. I have only ever done this colour once before.

I also painted a G2 shetland. I was going to do him as a leopard spot appaloosa but I thought he looked ok as a little fleabitten grey instead! He is ironically called Merrilegs...

The last stablemate I did was a G4 trotting one, again this one had a slight colour change; I was going to give him a spotty bum but instead I just gave him rabicano patternings on his barrel area.

I have quite a few Schleich bodies as well which need to be painted up. This Friesian Stallion is now a vanner. I wanted to give him minimal white where I also have a friesian mare that will be the opposite! Her white basecoat has been done, I just need to give her some markings now.

This resin, a Horsing Around mini, is an old one now that is no longer produced. I had him as a body and obtained him in a trade a while back. I have painted him as a light grey with a few dapples on his rump and around his neck. Not sure on the breed but either a Lippizanner or an Andalusian? I think Lippizanner...

I never used to like it, but he is a nice little model.

The last one for now is a roan Hamlet who has already been spoken for! Talk about snapping him up quick! He is going to the same home as my leopard spot Hamlet that I painted a few days ago.

Still got many, many more horses to go!


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