Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Huck/Salinero/Totilas Stand

I am so excited about this!

Over the past few weeks or so I made a promise to myself to create a base of some form for not only me, but for other hobbyists for our models that require the clear plastic stands with the pegs. Too many times have these snapped with our models and pegs get stuck, or they get lost easily. Sometimes we purchase them second hand and they do not even come with their stands!

This should happen no more, and I am so happy I have been able to do this.

I sculpted a stand from scratch and made a mould. Granted, the catalyst for the silica mould is out of date and hence I had to use more as the catalyst had probably denatured somewhat (the expiry is usually set where 5% or so has denatured... But this is only a guess!) but it did eventually set and this morning I cast the first base.

Because the pegs can snap easily within the hole in the model's hoof, I decided to wire-reinforce the peg area. This means they will be sturdier, will be able to cope with more strain and will last longer. I simply cut a piece of wire,

And bent it into an L shape. 

I then placed it into the peg area, with the tail hanging out. This bit will be in the main area of the base and will further re-enforce the use of the wire, as a simple straight piece of wire wouldn't be too beneficial on its own. 

The resin I used to cast is the same resin that all of my medallions are cast in. It is by Tiranti and is a yellow resin. In the future I may invest in a white resin as it certainly looks cleaner!

I mixed the two parts and poured it into the mould, making sure it went into the peg hole and ensured no air bubbles would be trapped in this part - it is the most important area in this mould after all, and it would definitely be pointless if the peg didn't cast!

After 15 to 20 minutes and the resin had set, I de-moulded the casting. 

Just because the casting had come out ok, though, didn't necessarily mean the base would work... So I had to try it out! Unfortunately I no longer have a Salinero model to hand, nor a Huckleberry Bey. However, I do have a Totilas custom and so I put it to the test...


I can also confirm that the clear plastic stands would not cope with the carpet surface I used purposefully for the photos, and my model would have fallen over (as this has been tested in the past!).

So overall it was a perfect creation. I will be offering these to people to purchase if they want, only to cover the cost of making them and postage if they need to be sent. The beauty of these is that they can also be painted but the yellow resin also means they could be left as is, for they are a similar colour to sand.

I am so excited to be able to make these for people, and more horses will be able to be displayed!


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