Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Me and Mini Me

I completed two bay horses over the weekend... And they both look so incredibly similar that I thought they both deserved to feature in the same blog post!

Crusader by Stacey Tumlinson is the first one I want to show you.

Crusader, although the wrong gender, has been painted as a portrait of my old share horse that I had for half of the year in 2013 known as Galaxy. Unfortunately with university work and her having to move yards it was no longer possible for me to continue looking after her, but we definitely had a lot of fun. I copied her markings exactly and now I have a piece in my collection to remember her by.

In the show ring, this one will be known as 'A Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

And the next one is this Salinero custom. I repositioned his front leg so that it was stretched out more and he is also a bright bay Hanoverian. I gave him lots of white to really make him flashy!

I can't wait to show this guy especially. I have spare bases I can use for him but I am also planning on using them to make some and cast in resin of some form too, then I don't have to worry about buying Huckleberry bey bodies, or Totilas bodies without the disc!


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