Friday, 13 June 2014

Off to the casters at last!

Horatio is all finished and ready to be sent to Horsing Around to be cast! Finished photos...

These photos are much better than the others! There is also still time to pre-order, please visit the sculpture sales page of my website to do this. He will ship in August.

I will also be ordering just FIVE more Hamlets and then his edition will have run out. If anyone would like one, contact me. Once they are gone, they will really be gone this time! Bailadito is also officially sold out as well so no more of this model will be available.

Thanks SO much for all of the support! I will be sending out Horatio this morning to the casters where he will go into production. I am looking forward to seeing him in many colours...



  1. Argh he's so cute! Love him and his fluffy cobby goodness! :D

    1. Too bad the bank account won't allow me to get one just yet. Must sell a few more ponies haha