Sunday, 22 June 2014

Syria Crisis Appeal Live 2014 - Part One

What a day yesterday!

Overall I obtained:
1st place x 3 (BMECS)
2nd place x 5 (BMECS)
3rd place x 4
4th place x 2
5th place x 8
6th place x 2

Which is fantastic!

I woke up at around 5am when I didn't have to get up until 6am, just because I was too excited (and with it being the longest day, obviously it is light at 5am and I am very sensitive to this when I sleep!) I was up and out by 7am to get to the show at 9am. I then unpacked my models.

Workmanship was first, OF was in the middle ring which ran all day and CTF was at the far end where I judged the majority of it for the day. There were little snacks at the tables (and lots and lots of biscuits and chocolate!) to keep us going!

This was good for me as it is nice to still enter classes while judging at the same time, it breaks the 'workload' up (I love judging but can get tiring if non-stop!) and I got nice little surprises as my horses did well in the workmanship section!

I was very pleased with all of the placings I received on the day - Pearl the pegasus came 2nd in both Workmanship and breed and Peca the leopard spot won her workmanship class and came 2nd in her partbred class. 

While judging the CTF classes, I came across some gorgeous models that I wish I owned. Although they are cast in latex and are less realistic than resins, some of the conformations on the models (and their characters!) are so charming.

Judging the championship was so hard!

Part two coming in a jiff!


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