Monday, 23 June 2014

Syria Crisis Appeal Live 2014 - Part Two

The raffle was a large event at this show - there was a large bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a lot of us had our eyes on it! It was the last to be drawn in the raffle and I was so ecstatic (yet worried I was going to have rocks thrown at me!) to win it!

I also won a Schleich pony, but obviously I was more happy about the alcohol... Haha!

The fun classes at lunch were amazingly funny, too! We all love baking at the live shows we attend recently, and I have got into baking too. In fact, I have a new blog website if anyone wishes to follow it and also loves baking, I post recipes on it:

For the fun classes, there was a 'horse themed cake baking' class, and I was absolutely clueless about ideas until I realised I could use my mini whinnies! So I just made a beach scene...

I came third (...out of three!) but I don't mind, it was just great fun taking part, making it and decorating it! And the winner was well deserved. It was (literally!) a pile of poo!

There was also an Other Animal class. Someone entered themselves as a 'cougar'!! They came second!

The medallion class which also ran was a bit more serious as this was properly judged. After all, this class in particular had BMECS qualification cards so it needed to be judged properly. Some of my medallions that I sculpted (and some painted) got placings.

Part three will come soon where it will focus on the afternoon's activities!


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