Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tanoka is casting and available to order!

Yippee! Casting is going extremely well, better than I had planned, and he is now available for people to purchase! This is the second casting here. The first and second castings help 'clean' the mould and to also help me to identify where any air bubbles are likely to appear, so I know for the future and I can eliminate them. But this one came out super well!

In fact, the first casting did too (although his air bubbles were worse, a couple of mane chunks were missing!) and I managed to fix the areas that didn't cast and quickly painted him as a promotion piece.

It isn't a very good photo, to be honest... He is MUCH more handsome in real life!

He actually also goes quite nicely alongside my Gallega medallion that I sculpted back in 2011. This photo gives you a good size guide as well.

He is quite a lot larger!

He is available to order through my Sculptures For Sale page. I am also doing a deal for more than one bought! Prices do not include postage though, this has to be added separately.

Thank you!


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