Friday, 20 June 2014

Two Commissions, both Animal Artistry

Hi everyone!

I have just got back from visiting friends from Barcelona and it has just been non-stop at home, I have been making cakes and tidying, doing other errands that needed to be done and even finishing these two commissions which sport in this blog post! Apologies for the photo quality, they were taken late at night. I now need to pack them for the Syria Crisis Appeal Live which is tomorrow in Woodcote, Oxfordshire. It is a two-hour drive for me so leaving at 7am, although I am aware of others waking up at 3am so I am grateful indeed!

The first one is the AA Snowblown resin. This is a Sleepy Shire remake and I have wanted one for a long time! Being able to paint one is the next best thing. The colour was a real treat to do as well.

I will show him as a Clydesdale tomorrow and will see how that goes. 

He does also have pinking on his muzzle but because I took the photos so late at night, the camera flash on my phone simply washed it out... Oh well!

The next one was another colour that was extremely fun to paint! It also makes this model that bit more unique. Because of the breed that this model is meant to be, it seems to be restricted with possible colours. But with this combination, I think is will be successful (it makes him unique and stand out!)

I will be handing this one over to his owner when I get to the show tomorrow but will still keep an eye on him in the show ring. No doubt he will be entering the part bred class, which will be massive...

I am grateful to have the opportunities to paint these!

I will be also taking my ISH in progress with a new neck to work on if I have any free time at all tomorrow too, although I am judging an awful lot tomorrow too so we shall see.


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