Monday, 2 June 2014

Two Leopard Spots

It certainly has been a long time since I painted any leopard spot appaloosa horses! So why not do two?!

Cameo, the mini Catalina with a new mane and tail by Stacey Tumlinson, was first to be spottied. I have named her Peca which incidentally means Freckle in Spanish! She will most probably be shown as a Jennet but I need to do more research.

She is for my personal collection.

I also painted a Hamlet up! Appaloosa really suits his colour.

Whilst on the subject of Hamlets and my own sculptures... All Hamlet models are now officially SOLD OUT! There is also one Bailadito model left but I plan to paint this one myself and sell (I have a nice colour idea planned from creating this blog post, hint hint...) The Hamlet here I do plan on selling but I want to take him to a couple of shows first to see how he does.

Whew! I have a couple of other horses to show you soon as well!



  1. Cameo is gorgeous! Lovely take on Catalina :) and looks pretty snazzy in spots :)

    1. Thank you very much!! I just have to find a decent breed to fit her now... I am glad I did her in that colour and now I have a leopard spot horse in my showstring!

    2. Jennet and possibly Knabstrup is what has popped into my head atm, but fingers crossed she does well for you whatever you choose, she's lovely :)

    3. My main idea was a Jennet so maybe I should try it? :)
      Thanks again it means a lot :D