Tuesday, 3 June 2014

UHH Stuff!

The acrylic display stands that I had ordered for the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo arrived and I had to set them up with some props to see how they would look on the day... I am getting SO excited!

I guess I need to actually paint those Stablemates first though... Hehe! I need to still finish the little slide show I have planned on my iPad too for the big day, where people can view more of my work.

The seller actually also sent me the wrong display stand... I asked for a three-tiered one and I only received a two-tiered one. I emailed them and I think they are sending me a replacement free of charge which is a bonus and really good of them!

The vendor passes and wristbands arrived through the post as well, which is making me buzz! I got an extra set for my Dad who will hopefully be able to turn up on one of the days to help me with selling things and general trade.

With the medallion sculpture I have in mind as well, I am thinking about taking my time and having castings in hand ready for the UHH where they will be at a discounted price. I still need to work all of this out but that is the plan.

I know there are still a couple of months to go, but WOO!

I still need to work on my workshops as well!


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