Thursday, 31 July 2014

Prince in Costume

When I was in the States, a beautiful Arabian costume came up for sale in the UK. Unable to get measurements of my Arabian resins, I thought I would wait until I was back from my holiday and if the set was still for sale, then I would purchase it.

However, only a few days later, the set had dramatically reduced in price. I couldn't leave it there when it was going for such a bargain, so I just bought it and hoped for the best when it arrived.

All in all... I am SO glad I purchased it!

The colours match Prince really well and the set is impeccably detailed.

Prince even looks proud and happy to be wearing it!

Now all I need is a Handler of some form, and then I can take this set to shows in the future.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I'm back home

I have returned to the UK after four weeks of holiday and travelling in the US. I visited four different places in the States, travelling East to West. I started at New York.

I also visited San Francisco,

Las Vegas,

and, of course, Kentucky; horse country!

I saw other sites as well, such as the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles. I really had a fantastic time and I am so glad I went! However, now it is time to get back in the studio and paint for the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2014!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tanoka medallion Giveaway

Whilst being away at the North American Nationals and Breyerfest, I reached a fantastic milestone on my Facebook page; over 500 likes!

To celebrate, I am giving away an unpainted Tanoka medallion to one lucky winner who likes, comments on, and shares the particular image with the giveaway details on my timeline. 

I will be announcing the winner over the weekend.

So, head on over to my Facebook page to be in for a chance to win!

Thanks and good luck!


Breyerfest Part Five - Other things

This is the final post about Breyerfest and my time at the Kentucky Horse Park. Of course, I had to get a photo with the famous Fluffy!

And it was the perfect atmosphere to celebrate Breyer's 25th anniversary of Breyerfest.

Here's to many more Breyerfests in the future!

It may have been my first, but it most definitely will NOT be my last...


Breyerfest Part Four - The models!

Onto the main thing about Breyerfest... The models!!!

As a result of the first day, where I looked around all of the stalls and did my shopping (I refrained on the last two days) this was my haul. 

I paid Maggie Bennett a visit where I picked up some Bantams for a friend, where I then caved and got myself Tadeu and her new ASB. I bought a second resin that requires more work, as I am not afraid of that! It turns out that Tadeu was sold out by the last day, so I was lucky!

And yep, I also bought Trenzetter... I have been after him for a while,  and while I am out here avoiding customs, shipping and while I can get models at show prices, why not?!

The mini Arabian there is called Eris and I bought this one from Mountainview Studios. It is quite a rare one apparently, I can't remember the entire story but production had to be stopped and they were selling off the raw castings to help cover the moulding costs or something. That is a very brief (and could be wrong in some places) story anyway!

The three Breyers there were accidentals... I just stumbled across a store and the BOTW Andalusian was on sale for only $10!!! What a BARGAIN! I couldn't leave him there. I then proceeded to hunt around in their Breyer boxes and found a Polo pony and a little foal that I LOVE. So that happened...

It will work out in the end, I will produce some lovely customs I hope over August for you to enjoy!

I took some photos of Maggie's stall and of her other Bantam minis in progress. They are gorgeous, I can't wait until they are done.

She also had Hornet, her jumper in progress in hard copy resin for her to work on more. He is coming along GOOD!

I will have one more post to write, and then I think I am all blogged out for Breyerfest! I will also do a survival guide post along with others once I return from the States. Currently, I am relaxing in a BnB before I jet off to Las Vegas in the morning!


Breyerfest Part Three - Guest horses!

As well as the model horses at Breyerfest, there were real ones too! The covered arena at the Kentucky Horse Park had demonstrations of breeds of the World throughout the day including guest horse appearances such as one of the horses that played Hidalgo in the film.

He is a very talented pony, and was demonstrating that through his skills!

Hidalgo was also an impressive little jumper.

There were also friesians, including the famous horse that the Breyerfest special model was based on. I have mine, and he is currently for sale if anyone is interested in him...

This friesian, pulling the chariot, actually spooked at the end of the demonstration and it got quite scary as his trot formed into a canter and then a petrified gallop. They managed to stop him in the corner where I was sitting though. However, members of the audience then started to CLAP! The WORST thing to do... They escorted him out of the arena though whilst everyone was told to hold their applause. Poor guy! He was beautiful.

 Icelandics and the Jousting Knights of Valor!

I got some close up photos of the horses when I went to visit them in their stables on the third day of the event. It included this Fjord stallion,

and this miniature mare and foal were being escorted back to their stable too!

Kentucky Horse Park is such a beautiful place...

I think even this cat would agree!

I will post part four soon, more about the models I purchased and the stalls at Breyerfest itself! I hope people have enjoyed reading about my reports so far, it certainly has been a joy to share my experiences with you!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breyerfest Part Two - The Tent Run!

My tent run was on Friday. Not a lot of people understand how this works or what it is exactly if they have never gone to Breyerfest, so this is a little description on why I was unable to do pick ups for Special Runs for people etc. 

With every three-day ticket, a Special Run ticket is issued. This ticket has a number on it between 1 and 350, and a time and date. For example, my ticket number was number 076 on Friday 11th June, between 4pm and 5pm. At 3.45pm, I went over to the tent line where a number between 1 and 350 was pulled at random. Whatever number was pulled, that person would go first with the others behind in chronological order. When it got to 350, number 1 would then line up.

Unfortunately for me, 116 was called. This means that, because I was before this number, I had to go right to the back! I felt the most sorry for 115 though... You see how it works?!

Because of this, and because the models are special runs, they set aside so many of the model horses per hour per day. This is why, if you are at the end of the line, you may not get access to the model you want. You can also only purchase a maximum of two models with every ticket. 

I was at the back but managed to snag Jubilee. I cannot keep him though, unfortunately, but wanted to purchase something to be a part of the experience!

Some people would go in the lines multiple times, but that is because people would buy the three day Breyerfest tickets so they could get the free model (the Breyer Goffert) and for someone that was going to stand in line for them and to try and grab the special models.

The lines were CRAZY!

There was one special model run indeed, called Pop The Cork. He is on the Nokota model and available in four different colours.

There are even more variations! Some are glossy, some are matte and as well as all of the other special run models, 25 of the runs were silver!

Apparently, from word of mouth ONLY, the silver Nokotas were taken from the appaloosa's run, and it has been rumoured that this model is slightly rarer than the other three available.

My next post will be about the glorious horses I saw while at Breyerfest!


Breyerfest Part One - the first evening!

What an experience!

Honestly, I cannot begin to describe Breyerfest. If you haven't been, you NEED to go, no matter where you are! I went from England so no excuses! I have been asked to write a Breyerfest Survival Guide post so will get onto that after I have finished writing about this year's event.

It all began on Thursday afternoon after NAN day 3 had finished up. I headed on over to The Clarion, the place to be if you are not at the Kentucky Horse Park. This was where everyone went in the evenings after Breyerfest. Once in the hotel, we headed to the hotel rooms. Before we even got there, we were bombarded with posters all over the walls which were advertising models for sale. Approaching the corridors, loads of hotel rooms were open!

Basically, the hotel rooms were turned into shops for the duration of people staying there. You could walk right in and see what people had for sale, and it was so busy and bustling, I really cannot describe it!

Some people's walls were stacked high with yellow Breyer boxes. I got lucky when I walked into my first hotel room and bought a Susecion and Le Fire set! I don't collect OF model horses but these two I have always wanted, and will join my OF Alborozo in my collection too. So for my first hotel room at only 2pm, before Breyerfest had even started, it was going bad... LOL!

I was pillaging with my friend until around 5pm where we then waited for the Artisans Gallery to then open. We got in the queue around 30 minutes before the doors opened, but the people soon grew behind us... the queue went right around the corner!

Once the doors were open, we all ran in to see what people were selling in there. Again, this wasbad for my bank account as I bought a clear stand for my Wee Jay resin (SUPER happy about this!) and some wings for some customs! I also got a chance to see the special Breyerfest Breyers and some new ones, I will write a separate blog post about them though.

After looking in the gallery and getting the first things available, I stopped briefly for dinner. After grabbing food at the hotel's sports bar, we went back round to where the main action was in the hotel apart from the sales rooms... There was an area they had sectioned off which had ice cream and cake, so dessert was sorted!

I don't think they do this every year, but correct me if I am wrong. The cakes looked gorgeous!

After desert, we went on yet another pillaging session, as more hotel rooms had opened up for the evening. It went horribly wrong... We finished around 9.30pm and went home... I bought SO many models!

Yep, that is a Persia resin and I needed some Stablemates for the wings I bought!!! That QH model I also couldn't resist...

Thank goodness I wasn't staying at The Clarion, though... The sleep I would have got would have been minimal (and I am paying for it now, I am a bit poorly from doing too much the past ten days so recovering!) and Embassy Suites didn't allow the same sales that The Clarion did. People did decorate their windows at our hotel though and the displays were sweet!

The balloon decorations we saw at The Clarion had also been brought back to our hotel, so that was nice. It was because the main runners of Breyerfest were staying in the same hotel as us.

We got back and rested, for it was an early start for the first day of Breyerfest the next day...


Sunday, 13 July 2014

North American Nationals - Day 3

NAN Day 3

This was a much shorter day; it was the artist china and OF commercials alongside OF collectability, a selection of classes that we do not have in the UK. This gave me a chance to see some of the rarer horses in the hobby which I probably won't see ever again!

This included vintage models, OOAK models and many other one off horses that Breyer had produced. I was photographing again so once more I saw the best of the best throughout the day as hobbyists came for their photos of their winning model horse.

It only ran until 1:30pm-ish, meaning it was less tiring and the day was short but sweet. This definitely made up for the first day, where we didn't finish until gone 9pm!!!

Up next... BREYERFEST!!!