Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Breyerfest Part Four - The models!

Onto the main thing about Breyerfest... The models!!!

As a result of the first day, where I looked around all of the stalls and did my shopping (I refrained on the last two days) this was my haul. 

I paid Maggie Bennett a visit where I picked up some Bantams for a friend, where I then caved and got myself Tadeu and her new ASB. I bought a second resin that requires more work, as I am not afraid of that! It turns out that Tadeu was sold out by the last day, so I was lucky!

And yep, I also bought Trenzetter... I have been after him for a while,  and while I am out here avoiding customs, shipping and while I can get models at show prices, why not?!

The mini Arabian there is called Eris and I bought this one from Mountainview Studios. It is quite a rare one apparently, I can't remember the entire story but production had to be stopped and they were selling off the raw castings to help cover the moulding costs or something. That is a very brief (and could be wrong in some places) story anyway!

The three Breyers there were accidentals... I just stumbled across a store and the BOTW Andalusian was on sale for only $10!!! What a BARGAIN! I couldn't leave him there. I then proceeded to hunt around in their Breyer boxes and found a Polo pony and a little foal that I LOVE. So that happened...

It will work out in the end, I will produce some lovely customs I hope over August for you to enjoy!

I took some photos of Maggie's stall and of her other Bantam minis in progress. They are gorgeous, I can't wait until they are done.

She also had Hornet, her jumper in progress in hard copy resin for her to work on more. He is coming along GOOD!

I will have one more post to write, and then I think I am all blogged out for Breyerfest! I will also do a survival guide post along with others once I return from the States. Currently, I am relaxing in a BnB before I jet off to Las Vegas in the morning!


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