Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breyerfest Part One - the first evening!

What an experience!

Honestly, I cannot begin to describe Breyerfest. If you haven't been, you NEED to go, no matter where you are! I went from England so no excuses! I have been asked to write a Breyerfest Survival Guide post so will get onto that after I have finished writing about this year's event.

It all began on Thursday afternoon after NAN day 3 had finished up. I headed on over to The Clarion, the place to be if you are not at the Kentucky Horse Park. This was where everyone went in the evenings after Breyerfest. Once in the hotel, we headed to the hotel rooms. Before we even got there, we were bombarded with posters all over the walls which were advertising models for sale. Approaching the corridors, loads of hotel rooms were open!

Basically, the hotel rooms were turned into shops for the duration of people staying there. You could walk right in and see what people had for sale, and it was so busy and bustling, I really cannot describe it!

Some people's walls were stacked high with yellow Breyer boxes. I got lucky when I walked into my first hotel room and bought a Susecion and Le Fire set! I don't collect OF model horses but these two I have always wanted, and will join my OF Alborozo in my collection too. So for my first hotel room at only 2pm, before Breyerfest had even started, it was going bad... LOL!

I was pillaging with my friend until around 5pm where we then waited for the Artisans Gallery to then open. We got in the queue around 30 minutes before the doors opened, but the people soon grew behind us... the queue went right around the corner!

Once the doors were open, we all ran in to see what people were selling in there. Again, this wasbad for my bank account as I bought a clear stand for my Wee Jay resin (SUPER happy about this!) and some wings for some customs! I also got a chance to see the special Breyerfest Breyers and some new ones, I will write a separate blog post about them though.

After looking in the gallery and getting the first things available, I stopped briefly for dinner. After grabbing food at the hotel's sports bar, we went back round to where the main action was in the hotel apart from the sales rooms... There was an area they had sectioned off which had ice cream and cake, so dessert was sorted!

I don't think they do this every year, but correct me if I am wrong. The cakes looked gorgeous!

After desert, we went on yet another pillaging session, as more hotel rooms had opened up for the evening. It went horribly wrong... We finished around 9.30pm and went home... I bought SO many models!

Yep, that is a Persia resin and I needed some Stablemates for the wings I bought!!! That QH model I also couldn't resist...

Thank goodness I wasn't staying at The Clarion, though... The sleep I would have got would have been minimal (and I am paying for it now, I am a bit poorly from doing too much the past ten days so recovering!) and Embassy Suites didn't allow the same sales that The Clarion did. People did decorate their windows at our hotel though and the displays were sweet!

The balloon decorations we saw at The Clarion had also been brought back to our hotel, so that was nice. It was because the main runners of Breyerfest were staying in the same hotel as us.

We got back and rested, for it was an early start for the first day of Breyerfest the next day...


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