Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Breyerfest Part Three - Guest horses!

As well as the model horses at Breyerfest, there were real ones too! The covered arena at the Kentucky Horse Park had demonstrations of breeds of the World throughout the day including guest horse appearances such as one of the horses that played Hidalgo in the film.

He is a very talented pony, and was demonstrating that through his skills!

Hidalgo was also an impressive little jumper.

There were also friesians, including the famous horse that the Breyerfest special model was based on. I have mine, and he is currently for sale if anyone is interested in him...

This friesian, pulling the chariot, actually spooked at the end of the demonstration and it got quite scary as his trot formed into a canter and then a petrified gallop. They managed to stop him in the corner where I was sitting though. However, members of the audience then started to CLAP! The WORST thing to do... They escorted him out of the arena though whilst everyone was told to hold their applause. Poor guy! He was beautiful.

 Icelandics and the Jousting Knights of Valor!

I got some close up photos of the horses when I went to visit them in their stables on the third day of the event. It included this Fjord stallion,

and this miniature mare and foal were being escorted back to their stable too!

Kentucky Horse Park is such a beautiful place...

I think even this cat would agree!

I will post part four soon, more about the models I purchased and the stalls at Breyerfest itself! I hope people have enjoyed reading about my reports so far, it certainly has been a joy to share my experiences with you!


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