Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Breyerfest Part Two - The Tent Run!

My tent run was on Friday. Not a lot of people understand how this works or what it is exactly if they have never gone to Breyerfest, so this is a little description on why I was unable to do pick ups for Special Runs for people etc. 

With every three-day ticket, a Special Run ticket is issued. This ticket has a number on it between 1 and 350, and a time and date. For example, my ticket number was number 076 on Friday 11th June, between 4pm and 5pm. At 3.45pm, I went over to the tent line where a number between 1 and 350 was pulled at random. Whatever number was pulled, that person would go first with the others behind in chronological order. When it got to 350, number 1 would then line up.

Unfortunately for me, 116 was called. This means that, because I was before this number, I had to go right to the back! I felt the most sorry for 115 though... You see how it works?!

Because of this, and because the models are special runs, they set aside so many of the model horses per hour per day. This is why, if you are at the end of the line, you may not get access to the model you want. You can also only purchase a maximum of two models with every ticket. 

I was at the back but managed to snag Jubilee. I cannot keep him though, unfortunately, but wanted to purchase something to be a part of the experience!

Some people would go in the lines multiple times, but that is because people would buy the three day Breyerfest tickets so they could get the free model (the Breyer Goffert) and for someone that was going to stand in line for them and to try and grab the special models.

The lines were CRAZY!

There was one special model run indeed, called Pop The Cork. He is on the Nokota model and available in four different colours.

There are even more variations! Some are glossy, some are matte and as well as all of the other special run models, 25 of the runs were silver!

Apparently, from word of mouth ONLY, the silver Nokotas were taken from the appaloosa's run, and it has been rumoured that this model is slightly rarer than the other three available.

My next post will be about the glorious horses I saw while at Breyerfest!


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