Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hickstead 2014

On Sunday I, with a friend, took a trip to Hickstead Showground for the Derby day. Since I currently live in the VERY South of England, I am about 30 minutes from this show so why not go?

The morning consisted of being able to walk on the course, and really see the size of the jumps that the horse and rider have to tackle. Many were bigger than me!

We looked round the shops and various things for sale, and before we knew it the Derby had begun! Seeing the horses tackle the bank was astounding. There were some thrills and spills, and some horses did it perfectly.

It was amazing seeing the power of these creatures!

Unfortunately my camera was running out of batteries and this is why my photos are limited, but I managed to get some pretty good photos still.

My photo of the day, however, was at the Devil's Dyke. There were a lot of falls at this particular combination. It is a hard set of fences to tackle as it dips in the middle part of the fence and the horse and rider have to climb back up again, all in three fences with a stride in between!

All in all, a great and inspiring day out!


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