Friday, 11 July 2014

North American Nationals - Day 1

NAN Day 1

I had to wake up at 5am for the first day as we had to set up the hall, this would have been done the night before on Monday but we were unable to have access, hence the early start. I went to put out the Top Ten ribbons on the table and did any general bits and bobs.

The hall was absolutely massive in size, but in order to fit over 200 entrants and over half a million dollar's worth of plastic and art into it, it had to be.

I then got briefed on what to do as my job on the day. Being a volunteer for days one and three (I was to show on the second day) I was put in charge as the Halter champion photographer. I felt so happy that I was to be put in charge of the winning horses' photos! It meant I saw the best of the best in the hall that day and the photos came out exceptionally well. The photos can be see on the NAN website.

Unfortunately there were camera issues, however, so for half of the day the photos were taken with another camera, meaning the images were not as good, but still of high standard. The purple of the ribbon and backdrop, and the metallic colours of the plaques really set the horses off!

Whenever I got the chance, I went to take photos of the entries that I saw. The first day consisted of OF Plastic Halter and CM Performance. The performance entries were out of this world, and so inspiring. I have never felt more compelled to try performance more in my life, and I am thinking about possibly giving it a go.

I love the NAN atmosphere too and have met so many lovely people!

We didn't get out of the hall until gone 9pm. Fortunately for the staff members there were drinks and snacks that we could have throughout the day which kept us going (I definitely had at least 5 cups of tea...) and the food hall just a way up from the hall meant we could grab food. Because I was so busy, people had to go and get some food for me!

It was a nice surprise at the end of the day when I was given a plaque for being a volunteer, it was a nice touch and something I will definitely treasure - not to mention the free purple t shirt!


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